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Columbia 300 World Beater Reviewed By: b.mercurio@comcast.net 02/26/2011 01:14 ( stars)

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This Ball is unbelievable. If you need a ball that hooks and no other ball you own will hook, this is the ball you want. I am a power stroker, and I like to play anywhere from 17 out to 5 and back, and about a month an a half ago my local bowling alley changed the oil pattern and really made it difficult for me to bowl my A game. It had way to much oil in the middle and not enough between the 13 and 6 boards and just not enough oil outside the 5 board to hold all night. So I have been having a really difficult time bowling. I did have three weeks worth of great bowling but he last two weeks I barley made 500 and I am a 200 average. I used to own the Pure Physics and I absolutely hated that ball because with my speed and rev rate it just died out before it hit the backend of the pattern, so I couldn't get the ball to hook. So I was very worried when I bought this ball, because I was told that it is more aggressive then the Pure Physics. But if a man can marry a ball this would be the ball I would marry. Before I brought this ball on the lanes. I tried to use my Taboo and my 718A and my 715C with a 1000 grit and my 918AT with a 2000 grit on the 15 out to 5 or 6 board and no luck just another washout. So I said lets try this ball. I took it out and the first ball I through from the same line was a High Strike. And I knew then and there that this was the ball for me, and that this was the ball I was looking for. At the end of the first game with this ball I had to move in another 3 to 4 boards and I am a lefty and I was the only one on the lanes. This ball is absolutely amazing and what a super hooker. Columbia 300 Really made a Fantastic Bowling ball here

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