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Brunswick Python Reviewed By: natedott@yahoo.com 11/17/2010 19:29 ( stars)

I did alot of research on this ball and it definitely seemed to be a good decision... Normally I stand around the middle dot and throw between the 2nd and 3rd arrow. My ball in the past has hooked right into the pocket leaving me around a 190 average. This year my ball started hooking alot, so my adjustment was to move left to the 2nd dot and throw a little bit harder. I am struggling to carry a 175 ave. So I decided to get a new ball... I chose the Python after watching videos and seen its 115 out of 175 hook rating. I thought a little less hook would help, but it did the opposite. I now am standing left at the first dot and basically throwing as hard as I can and the ball is still crossing over Brooklyn... Last week my series was 363! I am 34yrs old and have not bowled that bad since I was 12. Need I say more...

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