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Motiv Cruel C51 Reviewed By: Relbac3 11/04/2010 17:29 ( stars)

The new Motiv Cruel C51 out of the box drilled Pin High ring finger 1/4 1/2 4 3/4 span 2 pap My average is around 146-150. First game 183, 172, 183. The cruel is a very impressively consistant ball. It held the line throwing between 15 -18 MPH at 15 boards deep at 27 boards. It has the down lane skid I was looking for and breaking point to the flip was really (for lack of a better term) mind blowing. After reaching the beginning of the breaking point the hook came in very strong with a short snap the was about 2 boards. The continuation was around 1-2 boards on strike ball and up 3 to 4 boards on spares which came in real handy for small splits oh and speaking of split the ball the speed and the down lane skid the Cruel allowed me to have more lift and more carry on my strike balls. Now to the most impressive aspect of this piece of equipment was the "end roll"it seem to be a beast at 3 feet from the pocket but turned out that the roll devasted the pocket driving completely through the rack into the pit. This series was bowled on Synthetic lanes with Synthetic approaches. Todd Zenner, my pro shop guy (awesome PBA bowler) and Chris Johnson 2004 PBA Rookie of the year was all smiles and was wowed with the performance of the Motiv Cruel C51 let alone my reaction and elation of being able to throw more consistant shots. Yes I am a Motiv Cruel C51 fan and it loves me too. This ball would be dangerous in the hands of a 200+ average bowler. Beware the Cruel has been unleashed and it will be ripping boards up across the world soon. I highly recommend this ball. I have been bowling for about 3 months and by far this is the best thing that has ever came off of my hands.


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