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Brunswick Revolver Reviewed By: RSalas 07/05/2010 10:30 ( stars)

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Ball: Brunswick Revolver


Pin 5 ½” from PAP, above fingers
CG on midline, ¾” to right of grip center

Initial Surface Preparation:

Box finish


For a while now, I’ve had a need for a ball for oilier mediums and longer patterns that would allow me to play a more direct trajectory from inside the oil line. Specifically, I was looking to find something that would start up the way the Siege does for me, but with a more even path from front to back. I tried to fit an Ultimate Inferno into this spot a while back, but it gave me too strong of a back end reaction, and when I moved left to compensate, it wanted to push too far down the lane.

Why this ball?

The Revolver is intended to have better traction in the midlane than the Wild Thing and Wild Card, with a response to friction that is faster but medium overall, and a more continuous back end reaction.


I got a Revolver with a 3 ½” pin, so I went with a layout with the pin 5 ½” from PAP above the fingers. I did this to try to cut the track flare down, so that I could let the surface preparation dictate more of the reaction.

The first time I threw the Revolver, it was on a condition with clean back ends, and I was surprised at just how quickly it read the lane and how strongly it reacted off of the friction. I moved more into the oil to compensate, but I still had to give away the pocket because of the strong back end reaction, and while I could get the Revolver back, it didn’t give me the best of carry angles. I thus put the Revolver down for a while, and threw the Anaconda and C-(System) v4.5 until the oil started to push, and these balls began to labor down lane. I then took the Revolver back out of the bag, and I began to see the reaction that I had hoped for, as it was picking up a roll in the midlane and going into a more even arc in back. With the push helping to true up the reaction in back, I was able to square up more, and even when I did miss to the outside, the Revolver rolled up and stopped at the pocket.

I’ve also thrown the Revolver on conditions that were more blended from side to side and front to back, and on these conditions, I’ve found the Revolver to have a more even ball path than the Wild Card. The Revolver does read the oil sooner than the Wild Card, but still has a good arc in back, and has the same presence through the pin deck as the Wild Ride and Wild Thing had for me. However, when the front part of the lane started to go, I began to see the same over-early, under-late reaction that I experienced on the stronger back ends; at that point, switching to the Wild Card gave me the extra help I needed in front to get back to the pocket consistently.


So far, for me, the Revolver has given me the look that I’ve been seeking, as it seems to excel when I have front-to-back oil and have to play more direct. The Revolver does seem to prefer straighter lines, for when I have to go away from the pocket with it, the carry becomes slightly tricky.

When I throw the Revolver, I see elements of the reactions of both the Total Inferno and Scorchin’ Inferno. Like the Total, the Revolver is adept at blending out the lane, but it is much stronger at the pins than the Total was. The Revolver also has that combination of midlane read and continuation that I had with the Scorchin’, but for me, the Revolver handles the push down lane much better.

The Revolver gives me a good second option for oilier conditions, specifically as a complement to the Siege. The Siege will be cleaner through the midlane and stronger at the break, and thus this would be the ball of choice for fresher conditions where I have the luxury of giving away the pocket. The Revolver would be a better option for me when I need to get the ball into a roll sooner with a more predictable trajectory.

NOTE: The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation.

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