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Roto Grip Riot Reviewed By: kblackmer 03/26/2010 20:00 ( stars)

Riot-This ball is almost a mirror image of it\\\\\\\'s fellow brother dark star. Having the same weight block and ball dynamics in it\\\\\\\'s characteristics, there are still some differences. While keeping close to the same layout as the dark star the riot for me rolls smooth through the front part of the lanes and still stays on course to the break point. How ever the entire roll of the ball from start to finish creates more over all friction then the dark star. So while the riot rolls through the oil, it still moves towards the pocket with a smooth heavier roll due to it\\\\\\\'s solid reactive cover stock. These two balls are really ahead of there competition for there performance level. Layout for dark star- pin above bridge, cg 2” right from center of grip. Balance hole on val in pap. Riot layout pin below bridge cg 2” from center of grip. Balance hole on val in pap.

here is the link to youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACiITjCplJo

roto grip staff

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