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Brunswick Rattler Reviewed By: Spider Ball Bowler 03/01/2010 01:24 ( stars)

Left Hander, 15-16 mph, low-med rev rate, stroker.

I had this ball drilled up with the pin below the ring finger, the cg angled to the left, with a small x-hole located 2-3" left of the cg. I left the ball with the out of box surface. I like putting the pin down on a ball with skid snap reaction characteristics because it gets into it's roll a bit earlier and doesn't make the back end reaction so snappy.

I purchased this ball because I was a big fan of the Activator cover stock that came on the Ultimate Inferno. I was happy to see such a good cover at such a nice price.

I ordered it up for our Annual City Tournament, but didn't have a chance to get any practice with it beforehand. I decided to take it with me anyway for singles and doubles based on how the oil pattern normally is at the house we bowled at.

Getting to throw it for the first time in doubles, I was very happy with the reaction shape from this ball. The ball got down the lane with ease, but read the mid lane very well, and made a nice strong, but smooth move on the back end. Basically this ball is a great look for your typical house shot with the OOB surface. I've seen so many people drilling up the most aggressive pieces to use on house shots and not seeing good results, or having pieces that over hook. A nice mid price piece like this would allow more people to match up better.

I do not think I would use this on a sport or flatter pattern with the polished finish, because in my experience, these pieces change directions too fast on tougher shots and can cause some serious problems. However, knocking the polish off would smooth out the back end reaction and get the ball into a roll even sooner.

After throwing this ball in doubles and shooting a moderate 680 series, I figured I would keep throwing it in singles. We moved pairs down to lane 1 & 2 and I had the most amazing look. I had such a good reaction and found some area left of my target playing a small swing from 13 to 8. What I ended up with were games of 268, 266, 279 for an 813 series. The reaction was great, my carry was great. I won our city event scratch singles and handicap singles (826).

However, there is no such thing as a magic bowling ball. That being said, if you're looking for a nice piece for a normal house shot, at a really great price, the Brunswick Rattler is definitely a ball you should take a look at.

Remember, the cover stock they use on this ball at this price is the same cover they used on the ball of the year from just a few years ago, The Ultimate Inferno.

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