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Columbia 300 EPX T1 Reviewed By: TheDude1987 02/09/2010 15:08 ( stars)

Lane Conditions: It is lane picky ball. This ball loves oil. It performs very well heavy oil to moderate oil conditions. If it roles on light oil, the ball over hooks, and rolls out.

Coverstock: Several people have had a lot of trouble with this coverstock. It will crack if the ball gets to cold. I only use this ball when the weather is warm. The coverstock also sweats oil. I can put my hand on the ball, hold it there for a few seconds and draw the oil up on the coverstock leaving a hand print on the ball. Do your best to keep the ball clean, and keep it dull.

Bowling styles: It is a good ball for all styles. The ball does like to roll so it is nice for a down and in shot.

Overall: Even though there have been many problems with this ball it still performs very well. The ball does like to roll rather than skid/flip. It is easy to get into the pocket and easy to make adjustments with. I give the ball 3 stars because it is weather picky, and lane picky, but it still performs very well.

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