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Brunswick Wild Card Reviewed By: baer300 12/20/2009 14:48 ( stars)

I have finally thrown this enough to post a review. I drilled mine 75x6x30. I wanted a stronger ball drilled weaker, more for THS. I polished it some and it is great. The WC is about 2 stronger than my Wild Thing drilled 65x5x35. I like this ball alot. It is smoother than the WT and C System but does hook a little more. Also carries very well. Very predictable(trademark Brunswick). I have just drilled another one as well. I drilled it 70x1 1/2x40. Hit it with 4000 then polish. I needed this ball for the one center I bowl at. Needed to stay closer to the track longer and it fits the bill great. Haven't thrown it much but will post more later. If you are looking for a ball that hooks and controls the breakpoint, look no farther than the Wild Card.
Ok, I have thrown my 70x 1 1/2x40 enough now to post a review. This one center I bowl at really breaks down. I am a high rev player and even when it is only me playing in, they still break down alot. So I drilled this ball to stay farther right longer. This way when this ball doesnt work I can change balls and go deep.
Now, with this layout and surface prep(4000 then polish) the ball clears the front with a trace of oil. Reads the midlane well and then a smooth roll off the spot. No flip or strong turn at all just a roll.
I have found that the Wild Card takes surface changes very well and responds to them well also. Polishing will add more downlane motion and more surface will smooth it out.
Between the two I have they are the first balls out of my bag right now. It should be the first ball out of your bag too!!!

Adam Baer
Bruswick Staff
The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation

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