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Dexter Men's SST 8 Wide Width Reviewed By: tj316 11/21/2009 14:23 ( stars)

I have the SST5 & SST6 and loved them so decided to try the SST8. I love the fit and comfort of the shoe, no break in was required. My concern was I am right handed and I drag my right traction shoe across behind me when I slide. The first game I bowled with them I kept peeling the traction sole off in the area I drag it and because the sole on these shoes are black ,not white like the 5's and 6's, I was leaving black marks all over the lane. What I did was bowl 1 game and then took the right shoe off, marked on the traction sole where I was dragging it, removed the sole and then cut the traction sole back in this area about 1/4" from the edge, then I went to the side of the sole that was leaving the black marks and cut a piece of teflon tape and put it there, now both problems are solved, I no longer peel back the traction sole or leave black marks on the lane and I love the shoes, I'm a 207 average bowler and my first 4 nights with them I shot 702, 660, 748 & 671, I know it wasn't all the shoes but they helped and looked good too

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