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Columbia 300 Bedlam Reviewed By: ChopperDave 09/03/2009 13:14 ( stars)

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I very recently purchased the Columbia Bedlam from the local pro shop guy, who recommended it to round out my arsenal. My other two balls are the Hammer Raw Anger and Black Widow Bite set up for dry and medium oil respectively, and I was strongly leaning towards another Hammer ball. I'm glad to say that from time to time I am wise enough to listen to advice. Oh, I'm a rightie carrying a 176 (I have been on a little slump lately) and have been using a conventional swing. That is all changing.

I didn't exactly catch the location of the pin, but the thumb-hole is right on the mass bias. From the first throw, it looked good, but was reacting sort of like my Widow, with a strong, solid hook. Then he showed me how to throw it while remaining firmly behind the ball and coming through it with a good flip.

Have you ever thrown a ball and watched it move hard and wonder who had inadvertently thrown a ball on your lane because there was NO WAY you can throw a ball that looks that pretty? The Bedlam likes to live out around the 3-5 board, and then comes screaming back into the pocket. It gives about a 10-15 board area on our local house pattern. On occasion (pretty regularly) I have screwed up and chunked it to the 1 or 2 board and have had other guys amazed to watch it walk the rail and absolutely destroy the pins. There is another nice trait to this ball: it lives in center oil too and it will swim around the 10-15 and once it hits the back end it tucks nicely into the pocket. It is very forgiving and has already given me strikes I honestly should not have gotten.

I read a previous review that warned against this ball being used on heavy oil. I respectfully disagree. Unless you have an ultra-shallow back end, I think that the only condition that would defeat this ball would be a bone-dry lane. As long as I can find a little oil, I throw it because it hits harder than anything I own. I can't say enough good things about it, and again have to credit our pro shop manager for recommending it to me and coaching me on my throw. And thank you, Columbia, because with the beginning of this next league, my average is going up!

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