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Columbia 300 Bedlam Reviewed By: 12 Frames 08/25/2009 16:45 ( stars)

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PAP information - 5 1/8 over and 11/16 up
Pin to Pap distance - 5 1/2
Pin is located about an inch over the finger bridge and slightly over the ring finger.
Mass Bias Position - Strong position about 3 inches to the right of the thumb hole
Balance Hole - Small hole on the PAP to keep it legal
Surface Prep - None - Ball left in out of box condition

What I Was Looking For In This Ball Layout:
I was looking for a ball that I could get deep down the lane, but still react hard off of the dry. I also wanted something that would allow me to move deep inside where I could still swing the ball when the lanes start to break down.

What I Ended Up With in the Ball and Layout:
What did I get?... I got one of the best balls that Columbia 300 has put out in years. Not since the old Reaction Rev ball have I seen a Columbia ball get down the lane and then make one of the hardest moves you will ever see! The Bedlam is NICE! The ball gets down the lane as if the heads don't even exist. The ball seems to be waiting to read the midlane just so it can get to the dry. Once it get there, it releases all of its hard hitting, hooking power.

The Bedlam gives me that strong skid/snap motion that I like. For me, it's like I have a direct line to my breakpoint with a guaranteed reaction off of the spot. Once the Bedlam hits the dry, be prepared for one of the hardest moves you will ever see. The Bedlam is NICE! Real NICE! And it's not just about the backend end with this ball. The ball hits hard, too!

Compared to my Virtual Energy (VE), the Bedlam is longer, but just as angular. The Bedlam is ever so slightly harder off of the spot, but not by much. The Bedlam can not handle as much oil as the VE, but it sure can swing with it. I can play deep inside with the Bedlam where the VE might have burned up before it hits the breakpoint.

The Bedlam is not a heavy oil ball. Plain and simple. Do not buy this ball for heavy oil! The Bedlam comes to life on medium conditions. It gets down the lane with ease and will react hard when it reads dry boards. If this is the reaction that you like, then this is the ball for you. Seriously, you can't get much better than this when it comes to a skid/snap reaction. The Bedlam is NICE!

On dry lanes, the Bedlam will have a tendency to react too hard off of the dry. You will be facing a lot of splits if you choose to try to fight the ball on a dry lane. I personally would not think of using this ball on a burnt up lane. The cover it too strong for a dry lane. The ball needs some head oil to be in play.

In closing, the Bedlam has to be one of Columbia's best balls ever. It is very angular off of the spot and it hits pretty hard. I think that it is a good looking ball with great shelf appeal. And, I can see folks buying one based on looks alone. To be honest, my ball has certainly turned a few heads whenever I use it. A ball that looks good going down the lane and has a seriously strong backend. Who wouldn't want one?... Go get yours today! It's NICE! Real NICE!


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