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Storm Virtual Energy Reviewed By: AZbowlin 08/20/2009 23:56 ( stars)

I am a low rev medium speed stroker with a 201 average. I typically bowl on THS that tends towards medium to light oil volume. I bowl on both synthetic and wood lanes. My Hammer No Mercy Beat'n was just to much ball for the conditions I bowl on. It has an aggressive cover with and aggressive drill and this would result in it burning up prior to hitting the pins and thus having no energy when hitting the pins (this is not so in heavy oil however). I have tended towards using my Hammer Black Widow Pearl due to the medium to light oil lanes. I had it drilled with a weak drill (drilled for length with a fairly sharp break point). The coverstock was in out of box finish and when coupled with the weak drilling, the ball had plenty of energy when it hit the pins. Reading the lane to early with the BWP was not an issue; however, the rather sharp break point made things rather tricky at times. As a result, I decided to try out these hybrid coverstocks that storm and rotogrip came out with. As one can see, the solid was too aggressive and thus ran out of energy for my style bowling and bowling environment. Furthermore, the pearl had great length but had a break point that was hard to control and predict. I decided to go with Storm's Virtual Energy as a solution to my problems. I had the VE drilled for length, like the BWP, but I hoped that the hybrid coverstock would help smooth out the break point and make it more readable without sacrificing kind of entry angles I get from my pearl.

So far I have not been disappointed with the VE. I was extremely surprised with the length I get out of this ball. I was really worried that such a strong ball was going be to much and read to early. This was not the case however. This ball was everything I like about my pearl (retaining energy for explosive backends) but without the negative of having unpredictability out of my break point. I really think storm is onto something with this. With the success I am having from the VE, I am really interested in picking up a Hy-Road for a different look with changing lane conditions. I will post more about the VE after I get more games on it. I am going to take a closer look at the VE's ability to perform after contacting the pins (continuation).

I hope this review help anyone on the fence about the VE from Storm.

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