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Hammer Jigsaw Reviewed By: Miss.striker 08/20/2009 16:23 ( stars)

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I have just bought a Hammer Jigsaw and my early take on I would have to say at this stage a bit disapointed,this ball moves through the oil nicely but does not have the backend that Hammer claims,my early indication is that it will be a good ball to play up the right side and swing it about 5-7

boards(10-5,12-6).I was hoping to play more inside with it and on medium oil could not get the backend I wanted(18-10),ball just would't turn enough.I own a Black Widow,The

Sauce,Cell and a NVS to name a few.Will play with the surface a bit to see if it changes,does hit the pocket hard but worst comes to worst I will find a place for it in my ball range.Will try it in another house,normally I don't like to modify the surface on a new ball but one review said he did and had great results.Always liked the Hammer line and I'm sure a bit of sanding will bring on more backend.

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