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Columbia 300 Full Swing Reviewed By: ColumbiaChris 07/16/2009 08:58 ( stars)

About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Right Handed
League Average    216
Sport Shot Average    198
Ball Speed    Fast
Style    Cranker
PAP    4 3/8 rt X 3/8 up
Hey Everyone. I am a 3 yr Columbia300 staff member and have been in the Pro Shop business for 15 yrs. I have a high rev rate and my PAP is 4 3/8 right X 3/8 up. with a TC(track circumference) of 11.5. I drilled my FULL SWING 5.5 in from pap which places the pin over my middle finger with the MB kick about 1 in right of thumb.

THIS IS IT! The ball all you Columbia300 fans have been waiting for. Columbia has arrived for the 09/10 season in FULL SWING. We have been using what we call Brand Signatures here at Ebonite International the last couple years in an attempt to maintain separation from our brother and sister brands. I am happy to say with the new balls we have completed strayed from that strategy. We’ve made some great balls the last couple years including the Resurgence, Momentum and Momentum Swing. This year we are adding some serious angularity to the line starting with the release of the FULL SWING. This the ball that has been missing in our line up that every one was asking for. Columbia300's first of its kind Mass Bias core. You wanted flip, you got it.

Very clean through the heads thanks to the 4000 finish and when it gets down the lane, LOOK OUT. flip flip and more flip. When you're looking for more flip on heavier oil condition this is the ball for you. My usual league shot is a 47 ft pattern where my RESURGENCE was my A ball but i had to slow down dramatically to the movement i was looking for, but with the full swing i can keep my speed up and worry if i'm gonna miss right. i brought it down to 2000 due to the heavy heavy oil conditions in the house where my shop is. but on the regular shorter house shout 43 ft lol 4000 was perfect. It holds the tug and comes back from anywhere (even the 1 splinter)with continuous back end and very strong through the pin deck.
My second was a 4 x 4 drill with a 4in right hole and it flared all the way around to the other side past the weight hole .

Don't blink cause you'll miss the messengers.

A strokers dream ball

Have fun hooking and remember

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