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Storm Virtual Energy Reviewed By: 12 Frames 07/11/2009 11:17 ( stars)

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Pin to PAP(5 1/8" over 11/16" up) - Pin is 5 1/4" over and directly over the finger bridge
Mass Bias Position - about 4" from PAP and 1 1/2" to the right of the thumb
Balance Hole - none

Surface Prep - Out of Box (1500 grit Polish)

What I Was Looking For In This Ball Layout:
What I was looking for in this layout and ball was a nice and strong backend without the over/under reaction we tend to see from strong pearlized balls. For me, this layout provides good length and a strong backend reaction.

What I Ended Up With in the Ball and Layout:
What did I get?... I got one of the hardest hitting balls on the market!! Period! The Virtual Energy (VE) allows me to continue to play my favorite line when my Virtual Gravity (VG) is hooking too early. The VE is a great ball with serious hitting power and control. The new hybrid cover is great compliment to the Shape Lock HD core.

The VE gives me more skid through the heads and a more direct line to the breakpoint. Once my VE reads the midlane to the end of the pattern, it starts its move to the pocket. Once the VE hits the dry, it is lights out for the pocket. The VE literally sucks the pins from the deck. No sweeps, no messengers, no ringing tens. Just ten in the pit, baby! LOL!

Compared to my VG, which is drilled similar but with a slightly shorter Pin to PAP distance and balance hole, the VE gets down the lane more and is slightly more angular at the breakpoint. The VG is earlier as suspected but still angular at the breakpoint. The VE is more angular!

The VE can not handle the same amount of oil as the VG. Don't be fooled on this one. The VE does not like a heavily oiled lane. The VE will skid too far when there is too much volume up front and in the midlane. The VE also needs dry backends to be affective. However, you can play with the VE on a higher volume pattern provided that the backends are fresh. But, you better be prepared for that seriously strong backend! LOL! Once the VE hits the dry, it is ON!

As a quick, but unfair comparison, I drilled up a Brunswick Wild Thing the other day, but I have only used it once before I wrote this review. Compared to the Wild Thing (WT) the VE is stronger in the back, but the WT can handle a little more volume of oil. The WT is slightly sooner than the VE, but seems to hit just as strong. I like VE reaction a little more, but the WT is more of and arch type of reaction compared to my VE. In fact, the VE can be called the real "Wild Thang" because its reaction is harder off of the dry.

Speaking of the dry... The VE is not a dry lanes ball. It is too strong for a drier lane. If you choose to use in on the drier shots, I hope you roll the ball with lots of speed because the VE will hook at your feet as soon as it reads the dry boards.

In closing, the VE is a very angular and hard hitting ball. I personally think that it is one of the hardest hitting balls on the market today. And, to top it off, it hits just as hard as its big brother, the VG. Oh, and it smells better, too. LOL! If you like a lot of depth down the lane with a strong backend reaction, then this is your dream ball.


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