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Storm Virtual Energy Reviewed By: backswing_aplenty-st 06/18/2009 12:02 ( stars)

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Storm Virtual Energy
Weight = 16lbs
Pin = 3 1/2 inch Pin
Mass Bias = inline

Layout = 5" pin to Pap, 3 1/2" MB to Pap.
Weighthole = None

Surface Finish - OOB.


19-20mph off hand
390-450 rpm
PAP - 4 1/2 > 1/2 ^
Axis Rotation - 10*-60* degrees
Axis Tilt - 0*-15* degrees axis tilt

I resisted getting a Virtual Gravity as my Dimension works just fine as my heavy oil ball, but I have drilled dozens of them and couldn't wait for a pearl (or hybrid) version. I'm looking to replace a Gravity Shift that is real smooth with a pin down layout.

This ball covers a lot of boards. It's extremely clean through the front and to my eyes produces a smoother roll on the back than the Virtual Gravity. It's the same strong revving core shape but smoother as a result of the hybrid cover. It's not a old-school Storm hockey stick flip on the backend, leave that for the Rapid Fire Pearl or T-Road Pearl. Take the VG add 2 feet of length in the middle of the lane with a more continuous motion through the pins and you've got the Energy.

Better length than my Dimension at 1000, Second Dimension polished, and my 1000 HyRoad. The VE also produces a different shape of hook than anything else I've got with a pronounced mid-lane roll before the backend arc.

This is where the Virtual Energy will shine. Because of the solid part in the hybrid this ball will rarely, if ever, overreact on the backend. It will produce a crisp change of direction but not over hook (barring any brain farts of course.) Playing straighter the VE didn't hook early nor did it cycle out and hit flat, a testament to the strengths of the HD Shape Lock core.

Lane Conditions
THS 38'-42'

A coast to coast type of ball with enough friction. I can use this out of the gate at my home house where normally I have to use 2000 grit or rougher on most balls (Dimension, HyRoads, T-Road Pearl) to get them to read correctly off the end of the pattern. Shiney pearls usually jump too much or not enough promoting 10's and 7's. The VE reacts in the midlane as if it has some slight surface on it even though it's shiney producing the best roll for the house.

With higher friction houses the ball comes to life with lots of recovery to the right. Shorter house shots might not like misses in as the cover and core is too strong to hold pocket on big misses left.

Viper -
Viper is my favorite PBA pattern as my speed and revs actually are an advantage. I start going up 6-7 out to 4-5 and try to get the ball to be as smooth as possible of the end of the pattern. Normally i'll use pin down equipment with surface 1000-2000 grit, but the VE allowed me to move a few boards left and still get the same smooth midlane i'm looking for. I was covering too many boards to be really effective but this is the reaction you need later in the blocks on Viper.

Scorpion -
I normally have a tough time on Scorpion as I get too much midlane with less reaction on back. The Virtual Energy gave me what I've never had, my typical midlane move while still providing a strong backend. If I throw a strong backend reacting ball I get too much push, and then when I sand that ball down I lose too much on the back. The VE blended everything out and still gave me a lot of hit.

2009 Nationals pattern -
I drilled the VE specifically for Nationals this year. It was intended to fill the space under my 2000 grit Second Dimension and above the T-Road Pearl. It fits perfectly. There wasn't much friction at the house I bowling at so the Second Dimension was the better look, but after the midlane opened up the VE went to town. When the dull stuff (Dimension, 2nd Dimension, HyRoad) started hooking early the VE pushed through and gave me that premium coverstock reaction and hit. If there is more friction like I'm predicting in Vegas I will probably be able to use the VE for most of the 9 games.

Compared to Other Equipment
2nd Dimension - Similar amount of boards covered but the VE delivers more on the backend.
HyRoad - Similar shapes at the breakpoint as a result of the hybrid covers but the VE with a stronger base coverstock and Assymetrical core can cover a higher volume of oil.

Overall Impressions and Final Thoughts
I was really excited about the VE and it didn't dissapoint. It's the first ball out of the bag and is a piece I can stay with longer throughout league and tournaments. The transitions are much more predictable with the amount of midlane the core produces and you still retain energy to come off the pattern with authority.


Storm Staff 2009

Professional Approach Staff So Cal

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