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Etonic Men's ESS Stabilite Interchangeable Flame Black/Blue Right Handed Sz 8 Only Reviewed By: djsbad 05/30/2009 03:38 ( stars)

I have had these shoes for about six months now and I love them. You can tell from the first time you touch them that they are a fine quality shoe. The shoe itself is very stylish and not too flashy but have a nice style to them that will look good on any bowler without attracting too much attention. I love the interchangeable soles on the slide shoe. The soles do a great job of accommodating any type of lane approach. If the approach conditions change, then just change the sole to meet the conditions. The soles change in a snap and are easily identifiable. The goodyear tread on the left foot is a high quality material. I wish they made these shoes in regular footwear aside from just bowling wear. I would buy them in a heartbeat. The leather uppers are EXTREMELY durable and have been able to withstand a ton of abuse by me. The soles have not even begun to wear out and I do a ton of bowling. Even if they do wear out or you lose a piece, you can always order replacement soles right here through bowlingball.com. I think one of the features I love most about this shoes is the unidirectional material in the slide shoe. I never understood it till I bowled with it. Having the unidirectional material in the slide shoe makes a HUGE difference in your approach. My aim is more accurate which allows me to hit my mark more often with more accuracy because my foot doesn't slip around in the shoe. I wear these shoes with great confidence knowing that the shoes are probably about the best on the market and I won't be shopping around for another shoe in six months.

For those of you who buy the 20 and 30 dollar shoes and have to replace them every few months or so because they wear out, then come on here and post pitiful reviews and bash the manufacturer because of quality, then quit being so stinkin cheap and buy yourself a pair of shoes that might cost a little more money now and last you several years at a time as opposed to buying shoes every 15 minutes because your too cheap to spend the money. It costs you more money to buy 30 dollar shoes 2-3 times a year as opposed to 70 bucks every 7-8 years.....or longer.

If I ever was on the market to buy a new pair of bowling shoes, these shoes would be the way to go. If it isn't these ones, then it would be the Etonic lava shoes.....just for a little kick in style :)

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