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Storm X Factor Reloaded Pro Pin 

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X Factor Reloaded Pro Pin Specs

Product ID 1904 Brand Storm
Perfect Scale 170.0 RG 2.530
Finish Matte Lane Condition Heavy
Coverstock Particle Ball Quality First Quality
Originally Sold For: $139.99

This product (1904) is not available

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STORM "Pro-Pin"™ Technology
By: Storm's Steve Kloempken

STORM's "PRO PIN" technology is taking layouts and ball reaction to the extreme. Once only used on the PBA Tour for condition specific drillings, these balls are now being made available in limited quantities to the general bowling public.

Why? As the requests, requirements, and styles of today's bowler changes to address new lane conditions and patterns, STORM is answering by providing and packaging these items separately from the standard first run items due to their unique nature and value.

STORM "PRO PIN" bowling balls are:

  1. All first quality STORM bowling balls

  2. Manufactured with the same high quality standards as all other STORM products

  3. Manufactured with the highest integrity

  4. Made with the same high quality materials as all other STORM products

  5. Great for specialized layouts and drilling options

  6. Potential for enhancing dynamic use of core position

  7. Meet all A.B.C., U.S.B.C. and P.B.A. regulations

STORM "PRO PIN" bowling balls are first quality bowling balls with pin distances over 5" from the center of gravity and top weight between 2 and 4 ounces. Through our testing, we have found that these balls lend themselves to a variety of drilling patterns outside the range of pins less than 5" which would require an extra hole to accomplish with standard pin and top weight specificiations. Based on the desired reaction, some Pro Pin drillings may require an extra hole for balance requirements.

Please visit your pro shop professional for assistance in determining the best layout for your style and lane conditions. If additional questions, please consult the "PRO PIN" Drilling instructions included in every box or call STORM Technical Services at 1-800-369-4402 or email

By: Storm's Steve Kloempken

'Bowl up a STORM!'

PRO-PIN X Factor Re-loaded™

PRO-PIN bowling balls are regularly used by PBA Pros on the PBA Tour. Those who have been lucky enough to throw one of these hard to find bowling balls, know the great and wide possibilities the Pro-Pin bowling balls have to offer. The reaction is unique, unprecedented, and widely used on the PBA Tour.
The drilling instructions on how to drill these Pro-Pins are included with the ball and are also located on our website and are available for viewing by clicking here.

Ball Line: Master Line
The latest edition to the X Factor series, the X Factor RE-Loaded™ by STORM®, features the new RE (reaction enhanced) - Load3 coverstock. This precision-engineered coverstock material 'loads up' energy at the break point, and is the perfect complement to the X Factor™ and X Factor Deuce™.
Custom designed for unrivaled performance, the X Factor RE-Loaded is in a class by itself; brought to you by the undisputed leader in the high performance ball market, Storm Products, Inc. Ball Reaction Video Preview