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Storm Gravity Shift Reviewed By: copley321 03/20/2009 10:38 ( stars)

About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Right Handed
League Average    205
Age - 53
Average - 201
Style - Tweener/Stroker
Ball Speed - medium
Hand - Right

When my El Nino Gold incurred lane damage 6 weeks ago my bowling went into a funk. The ball lost 5 - 7 boards of hook and constantly left 10 pins and pocket 7-10's. I had the ball dulled, polished, and even replaced the grips with no sustainable success. When I saw others rolling high scores with the virtual gravity and gravity shift I knew it was time to retire my 9 year old ball.

In studying the layouts, ball reactions and recommendations of both the Virtual Gravity and the Gravity Shift I was a little perplexed that bowlingball.com rated the hook potential of the Virtual Gravity higher than the Gravity Shift, while the Storm website shows that the hook patterns on the lanes for my style indicate that the Virtual Gravity being rolled down the 2nd arrow, while the Gravity Shift shows my style playing 3rd arrow and swinging it out to the 5 board. Doesn't that imply that the Gravity shift (with a slightly lower hook rating) hooks more since it recommends that a bowler starting farther left?
Nonetheless, I chose the Gravity shift based on the words of another bowler, mirrored in some of the reviews on this site. "This ball carries the corners!".

I asked Chris at Perfect Fit Pro shop which layout he recommended to better carry the corners and chose layout #2 (which has the pin to the right and slightly above the ring finger and the mass bias to the right of the thumb).

I play 2nd arrow 98% of the time, occasionally 1st arrow, and rarely play 3rd arrow.
Remembering the lane hook patterns on Storm's website I started by playing 3rd arrow..... Wow! 288 the first game right out of the box!!

Second game I played 2nd arrow.... 202 with a couple of shots right through the head pin. I had to throw it hard without much lift to avoid splits and didn't seem to carry the corners as well.
Third day I had the ball I'm still moving back and forth between 2nd and 3rd arrow to see which line has the most consistent results. The final game of our league I go back to 3rd arrow and shoot 299 (tried to be too careful on the 12th shot).

Granted I've had the ball for less than a week, but how can you argue with results like 288, 245, 257, 242, 236 and 299??

I also use Morich balls, which are drilled for a more continuous arc, so the Gravity Shift is a great complement to what I have and is the first one out of my bag.

Ahh, the memories of my El Nino....
Oooh, the potential of the Gravity Shift ......

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