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C4 Left Handed

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For me, this glove gave me two problems.

This first was just annoying. When I would cup my wrist, the clasp would come undone. I tried playing with it looser and tighter but, regardless of how I adjusted it, it would simple come undone from time to time.

The big problem for me however is that this glove is a knuckle-buster. I ordered the XL. I have big hands but, they fit within Storm's parameters for this glove. However when I set the cup setting to 4 or greater (it goes to 7), on the backswing, the top metal edge of the glove digs into the knuckles on my middle and ring finger. Into my third game, the pain caused me to stop using the glove altogether. Three days later, the joint of my middle finger is still sore to the touch.

I suspect that this has to do with the tapered top edge of this glove. In looking at pictures of the C2 and the Universal models, they seem to have longer top edges so, I would imagine that this wouldn't be a problem with those gloves.

Since I've used the glove, I can't return it so, I've chalked it up as a loss. In the meantime, I've purchased another glove by a different manufacturer.

Hopefully, my situation is unique. If not, they should address this in future versions of this product.

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