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Storm Hy-Road Reviewed By: Spider Ball Bowler 01/07/2009 19:58 ( stars)

Got this ball at a bargain price here at BB.com. I am a lefty, stroker, with medium revs, and about the same speed. I am a high tracker.

I had it drilled with the pin below my ring, with the cg kicked to the left, with a small hole, below my axis. I figured this would be a skid/flip type ball, so I wanted to smooth it out with the drilling.

After a few league sessions and tournament games, I really liked what I saw, but decided to knock off the polish, because I never was too sure of what the ball was going to do. In the oob surface it was pretty smooth, with easy length and a good back end turn, I just match up better with smoother surfaces.

I took this ball to 4000 grit abralon, and finally found a replacement for my old reliable Black Widow Solid. At 4000, the ball still gets down the lane with ease, and is even more smooth on the back end.

Obviously it hits well just as any other new bowling ball does, and probably reacts the same as most new pieces on a standard house shot. I subbed in a league for the first time at a new house that has synthetics and about a 40' shot. It was basically a longer version of the THS I'm used to, but with less friction on the outside boards.

I started with the Black Widow, and lined up playing straight up 8-10. The Widow reacted well, but I circled one shot and got it out to 5 and it had no chance to recover.

I decided to switch to the Hy-Road at 4000 in the 10th frame of the 1st game. The ball reacted the same as the BW, but had a little harder finish, getting higher in the pocket. I used this ball the rest of the night and also found that when I circled a couple shots during the rest of the night, and it got outside, it had more recovery than my BW. I ended up shooting 495 the final two games using nothing but my Hy-Road for the first time at 4000 grit. I was on 279 pace the 3rd game, but a tricky little 7 pin popped his head up, first ball in the 10th, which cost me about $300. 213 BW, 237, 258-708.

It's hard to compare the two because my BW is 2 1/2 years old with 500+ games on it, but it has been my go to piece ever since I got it.

Good ball, great price. This could be the ball of the year.

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