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Storm T-Road Solid Reviewed By: Bowlnj 01/04/2009 22:15 ( stars)

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About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Right Handed
Experience    Advanced (I have bowled in a league)
League Average    226
Ball Speed    Medium
Style    Tweener
Well, I just drilled this ball up the other day prior to a tournament. I had it drilled to hook a little early. I knew the conditions for this tournament were going to be a little tighter and wanted a ball with some aggressiveness. During the practice session before the squad began, I threw 10 out of 11 strikes on 5 different pairs with this ball. The ball reacted great off the dry and hit like a truck. I tried several different angles and they all carried very well!

Once the tournament started, I noticed a big change in the carry that I was getting from this ball. Playing the same line that was working well during the practice session, I started the first game off with 4 straight ringing ten pins. What I noticed was that there was some carry down from all of the guys during the practice session and the ball wasn't turning the corner as hard. I moved my feet a few boards right (I'm a right handed bowler)in order to create a different angle and the ball started carrying once again. I shot 2-teen the first game (5 ten pins overall), 226 on the next pair (I left 2 ten pins), 279 on the pair following that (I left a stone nine pin in the 5th frame) and then I shot another 2-teen on the 4th pair.

I bowled fairly well the first 4 games I threw this ball, made about $250 in pots, brackets and a 5th place finish in the tournament which more than paid for the ball so I'm happy!

My opinion so far for the T-Road Solid is that its a very hard hitting bowling ball as long as you catch the dry! On clean backends, the ball makes its turn very hard and is explosive as it drives through the pocket. Once oil has carried down a little bit, the ball still hooks off the oil but enters the pocket somewhat flat, leaving corner pins.

Aside from that, I can already see that this ball is going require some extra maintenance as far as cleaning. Being that this ball has a dull finish, in the 4 games that I put on it; it looked as if I had thrown 40 games. It really sucked up the oil! I'm going to try to get in the habit of using the Storm Reacta Clean ball cleaner each time after I use this ball.

-Paul Andreas

Ewing, NJ

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