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Storm Virtual Gravity Reviewed By: bowlingball.com reviews by Tony Ruocco 10/27/2008 07:29 ( stars)

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About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Right Handed
League Average    215
Ball Speed    Medium
Style    Tweener
PAP    5 1/8 right 1/8 up

Click Layout Image to Enlarge

Virtual Gravity, An Unstoppable Force from Storm.

Pin to PAP(5 1/8" over 1/8" up) - 6"
Mass Bias Position - above thumb hole on center line
CG Placement -
Balance Hole - none

Surface Preparation - Out of Box (4000 grit Abralon)

What I Was Looking For In This Ball Layout:
This one was pretty easy to think of the ball motion we wanted. The Virtual Gravity features the SHAPE-LOCK HD
core which was found int he Gravity Shift. It also has the solid version of the R2X coverstock that was
also on the Gravity Shift.

Since we were a big fan of the Gravity Shift this was a much anticipated release. I was hoping the solid cover
would help the ball read the friction a little earlier which should help smooth out the overall ball motion. If you
ever threw a Gravity Shift or watched someone throw the Gravity Shift you know that it makes a U Turn on the back end.
we have been this layout more and more on test balls so they are easier to compare, it also helps create a smoother ball motion
in the front and middle part of the lane while still allowing for plenty of movement on the backend if you want.

What I Ended Up With in the Ball and Layout:

I will state it now, there is nobody that will not want this ball once they see it roll. After you finish reading this review you need to check out our video and see for yourself.

I could not believe the reaction I had with this ball. We tested this ball on our fresh house shot, to start off I was being conservative with my lines and angles. Playing the part of the lane where I would typically be during normal
league conditions. As I saw what this ball could do I migrated as far left as I wanted and watched the ball change directions with ease.

I honestly can not remember the last time I had a ball that allowed me to make the ball change directions at the break point like this ball does. On paper I really thought this ball would react similar but a little stronger then my Gravity Shift. They were not even close, they were very compatible but not the same ball at all. Every move I made with this ball it read the oil
and reacted off of the friction amazingly. The ball motion of the Virtual Gravity is what we are all really looking for, it rolls really heavy in the front part of the lane but does not hook early or burn up early. Through the mid lane section you see it start to read the friction but really just maintaining the heavy roll and then on the back part of the lane it makes a very distinct motion to the pocket.

As you will see from our video review, we made this ball do some amazing things. Storm has the winner so far for winter releases!

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