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The new Hammer Black Widow Nasty!

It's about to get nasty.

Hammer bowling is pulling out all the stops for what will be the final addition of the legendary Black Widow line, the Black Widow Nasty.

The Black Widow Nasty will be the longest, strongest and most angular Widow ever released. Getting this thing to turn over on the backend definitely will NOT be a problem! The perfect compliment to the Black Widow Sting! The combination of the high RG Widow Core with a lower Mass Bias rating, the new offset Cover-Puck Technology and the new Violent Wheel Reactive coverstock, this bowling ball is seriously dangerous! Or should we say... NASTY!

Available in 12 to 16 pounds, the final Black Widow will release Dec. 15, 2009 - just in time to have it wrapped and ready for Christmas!