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Strengthen Your Bowling Wrist

If you are having a difficult time maintaining a consistent bowling release, perhaps you might need to strengthen your wrist. Swinging and delivering a heavy bowling ball effectively does take skill and strength to endure several games of bowling.

The stronger your wrist and forearm, the better you can handle your release technique consistently and over a long period of games.

Regardless if your are an adult with a small frame and not a great deal strength, or if you are a junior or senior bowler using a less than full weight bowling ball, you can benefit from building strength in your bowling wrist and forearm.

In any and every sport, athletes must develop the necessary strength needed to succeed. In bowling, you must swing and deliver a ball which is far heavier than any other sport, with the exception of shot putting in track and field events. Getting stronger helps your game.

Developing a stronger grip can be as easy as squeezing a tennis ball or a handball repeatedly every day and multiple times each day. If you begin squeezing one of these type balls about fifty times, three times each day, in a month’s time your grip will strengthen which will help you handle the weight of a bowling ball.

If you choose not to use the method of squeezing a tennis ball, you can purchase inexpensive hand strengthening devices at local sporting good stores with handles that you hold in the palms of your hands simply squeeze the handles together repeatedly.

Just follow the same suggested routine of squeezing the handles together 35 - 50 times, three times daily for a month and you will be surprised how much your grip strength increases. Your forearms will benefit as well.

Don’t let anyone kid you into thinking that you do not need to have a firm grip on your bowling ball to bowl well. The definition of release is to let go of something. One must first have a firm hold on an object before one can let go.

Holding and swinging a fifteen pound bowling ball requires a certain strength with your forearm and wrist to propel your bowling ball at an average speed between 15 -17 mph, hit a one inch wide target, and knock over 35 lbs. of “pin lumber” on the back ends of 60 foot long lanes.

Regardless of your age or level of athleticism, you can improve your bowling ball gripping strength. With a little effort, you can gain the benefits of improved ball speed control and improve your accuracy which leads to eventual increases in scoring.