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Slide Right In The Latest Bowling Shoes

Learn to slide right in the latest bowling shoes. Picking up a few tricks to making a good bowling slide will help your scores. Knowing more about shoe models available on the market today can also help you improve your game.

The beginning of your approach will help you to slide right in the latest bowling shoes. Maintaining good body balance during your approach is critical in the bowling slide, particularly for new bowlers or those of you working at improving your game.

Here are a few tips to help you improve your bowling slide:

1. Make sure your steps are not too fast and out of control.

2. Set-up on the approach in an athletic posture and retain that posture as you walk to the foul line.

3. Maintain knee flex throughout your approach and through the slide step. Your flexed slide knee cap should be on a vertical plane with the toe of your bowling slide shoe.

4. Slide toward the center of your body to stabilize your upper body while releasing the bowling ball.

5. Position your upper body so your head and your shoulders do not extend in front of the vertical line from your slide knee cap and your sliding shoe toe.

6. As you complete your next to last step, your body weight should be completely transferred onto your sliding step leg. When your knees are flexed properly during your bowling approach as suggested in Tip #3, the big muscles of your leg in your thigh area work to help support the full weight of your body while you slide into the foul line.

7. Do not hurry the final two steps of your approach.

8. Make certain you have bowling shoes which help you avoid hydroplaning on the approach and promote a smooth and consistent slide to the foul line.

Developing good footwork and a sound sliding technique will help improve your game, but you need to have a pair of bowling shoes which provide stability, durability, a smooth sliding sole, and are comfortable so you can make consistent deliveries while in competition.

Here are a few examples of the latest bowling shoes available at including new and established brand names. Simply click on any link below and check out the description details of these shoe models along with other important information.

Men's Ricky White is currently selling for $34.9900
Men's Vasu Bowling Shoe is currently selling for $44.9900
Men's Ricky II Black Sz 7.5 Only is currently selling for $46.9900
Youth Skull Green/Black is currently selling for $44.9900
Women's Kicks White/Blue Sz 6 6.5 Only is currently selling for $42.9900
Men's Jason III is currently selling for $49.9900

Women's Rocket Right Handed is currently selling for $59.9900
Men's SST 1 Black is currently selling for $109.9900
Sport Deluxe Black Men's Right Handed is currently selling for $99.9900

Men's ESS Interchangeable Black Right Handed 7 8 Only is currently selling for $129.9900
Women's Brunspro 8 thru 11 Only is currently selling for $129.9900

Men's SST 8 Black/Red Sz 6.5 7 is currently selling for $158.9900
Men's E-Tour Master Black is currently selling for $169.9900
Womens SST 8 LE Wide Width is currently selling for $158.9900
Path Ball/Bag/Shoe Combo is currently selling for $122.9700
T Zone Ball Bag and Shoe Package is currently selling for $104.9900

Remember that we provide "Men's and Women's Inch-To-Size Charts" which assist in selecting the right size shoe before placing your order. Bowling shoes are typically found in sizes ranging from 5 1/2 to size 11 for women with sizes 7 - 9 1/2 being the most common selection, from size 6 to size 15 for men, and from size 1 to size 6 for kids with sizes 7 – 9 available for teenagers in select shoe models.

Please remember that every item here at comes with free shipping, free insurance, and no hidden handling charges delivered right to your doorstep. Ordering is easy by merely by following our simple online instructions Thanks for visiting