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New Releases: Tropical Heat Hybrid Black/Purple and Tropical Breeze Hybrid Black/Cherry Bowling Balls

There is no better performance on the market for the price than Storm's Tropical line. The new Black/Purple Hybrid model will offer amazing midlane roll with a strong, controllable backend reaction.

Storm is cranking up the "HEAT" again with the introduction of the new Tropical Heat Hybrid Black/Purple!

The Tropical Heat Hybrid Black/Purple is currently selling for $79.9900 and rates a 177.3.

This Hybrid model of the Tropical Breeze will help you combat dry lanes that have some carrydown. The Hybrid coverstock will let the ball start up a bit sooner so you can reach the pocket, but will still get through the heads easily.

With the new Storm Tropical Breeze Black/Cherry, scoring has never been such a BREEZE!

The Tropical Breeze Hybrid Black/Cherry is currently selling for $74.9900 and rates a 118.5.

The Storm Tropical Heat Hybrid Black/Purple and Storm Tropical Breeze Hybrid Black/Cherry are scheduled to release on May 8, 2012.