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New Releases: Storm Pitch Black, Punch Out and Wipe Out!

Storm Pitch Black:

The new Pitch Black is the first ever urethane edition to the famous Thunder line. This will be the ball for short/light oil conditions. The urethane coverstock will provide a controllable reaction that will blend the pattern when they are tough!

Use darkness to see the light on the driest conditions with the Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball!

The Pitch Black is currently selling for $119.99 and rates a 138.8.

Storm Punch Out:

The Punch Out is a pearl version of the popular Lights Out. Adding a pearl coverstock to the Turbine core will give you more length and a stronger backend reaction than the Lights Out!

Put the pins down for the count with the Storm Punch Out bowling ball!

The Punch Out is currently selling for $99.99 and rates a 175.5.

Storm Wipe Out:

The 2nd of the two new Hot line balls is a solid version of the Lights Out. The Wipe Out will provide an earlier roll with a smoother reaction shape. This ball will be great on longer, lower volume patterns!

Scatter the pins with the Storm Wipe Out bowling ball!

The Wipe Out is currently selling for $98.99 and rates a 177.5.