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New Releases: Roto Grip Defiant Soul, Disturbed & Wrecker!

This ball really sings at the breakpoint! It's strong and controllable... it's smooth. The sweetest sound you'll hear when a Defiant Soul hits the pins!

I don't even hear their music. I make my own. Defiant Soul.

The Defiant Soul is currently selling for $89.99 and rates a 219.5.

The Disturbed is one of the most heavy rolling bowling balls we've ever thrown. This ball is the perfect choice on a heavy oil pattern where you want an easy to read reaction!

They tried to stop me. But my obsession cannot be contained. The Roto Grip Disturbed.

The Disturbed is currently selling for $122.95 and rates a 196.9.

The Wrecker will demolish any short oil pattern you come in contact with! This ball has great length and a smooth backend reaction. Put a hurtin' on the pins!

Some avoid obstacles. I leave a trail of rubble. The Roto Grip Wrecker.

The Wrecker is currently selling for $94.99 and rates a 182.8.