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Buy a Rogue Cell and Crown Clear, get a Free Roto Grip Kingdom T-Shirt!

Receive a FREE Roto grip Kingdom T-Shirt when you purchase a Rogue Cell & Crown Clear Polyester bowling ball!

A new generation within the kingdom has materialized and looks to seek total domination. Enter the Rogue Cell.

The Rogue Cell™ utilizes the latest generation of the Cytoplasmic™ coverstock series. The Cytoplasmic XL™ hybrid reactive coverstock features a unique blend of additives creating the highest friction to lane values ever produced by Roto Grip. The blend of solid and pearl coverstock generates the strongest and most consistent hook from release to impact.

The energy from within comes from the highly successful, performance proven Nucleus™ core. This unique asymmetrical core powered the original Cell™ to "Ball of the Year" in 2008.

Mutated from the original, the Rogue Cell™ is set to challenge for superiority in the bowling kingdom.


It's time to elevate your game with the new Crown™ Clear Polyester ball from Roto Grip™.

The newest edition to the Roto Grip™ family will give you the added confidence to pick up those difficult spares and is great for dry, broken down lane conditions.

This is the best looking ball on the planet and with it in your hands you will have no fear going into battle on even the toughest lane conditions.


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