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Bowling Wrist Support For Beginners

If you are a new bowler just beginning to get interested in bowling more often than in the past, then using a wrist support device will help you deliver your bowling ball consistently and with some effective rolling motion.

What generally happens with a new or inexperienced bowler is at the moment the arm swing and bowling hand reaches the delivery point at the bottom of the forward swing cycle, the wrist will collapse when the ball is released.

A collapsed release is simply a term used in bowling to indicate that the bowlers wrist is hinged back as far as the wrist allows when delivering the bowling ball.

In this collapsed position, the bowling thumb leads the fingers at the moment the ball exits the hand.

This wrist position produces the weakest possible delivery position with the fewest number of revolutions the ball will make as it travels down the lane.

A weak release position develops excessive ball skid in the front end of the lane.

Since there is a good deal of lane oil applied to the front end of the lanes by the bowling center maintenance crew, the ball slides too much, picks up a weak rolling motion in the mid-portion of the lane, and tends to lose velocity on the back end of the lane at a faster rate than stronger deliveries produce.

Wearing a wrist device props the back of the wrist and prevents maximum collapsing at the very moment the ball is released.

The propped-up wrist allows the thumb to exit sooner than the fingers, or at the very least, the same time as the fingers, and the ball will then have a greater number of revolutions when traveling down the lane.

More revs equals more power at impact with the pins.

Usually, new bowlers resist the wearing a wrist device. In fact, many experienced bowlers truly need to improve their wrist action but resist doing so.

By choosing a good wrist device, you can stabilize your wrist position, regulate your release, and get improved rate of revolutions applied to your bowling ball.

Another reason why using a wrist support can help is to deliver the bowling ball consistently and with accuracy.