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Bowling Pro Shop Services You Should Expect

When you are searching for a retail shop, there are bowling pro shop services you should expect. Please become aware of areas of tangible services you should expect to receive as a new or repeat pro shop customer. Other than the obvious provisions of retail consumer products, bowling pro shop services you should expect include more than merely the physical products on display.

Let's build a quick checklist of services the pro shop should offer to help you select the best equipment and set you in motion toward a path to progress in the game.

1. Equipment Evaluation
a. Evaluate your present bowling equipment - make certain your pro shop professional knows your existing equipment to know what to recommend next. It is a good idea to bring all of your bowling equipment to evaluate your existing arsenal.
b. Make and models of your bowling balls - it is important the pro shop knows which balls you use and how they are drilled so duplications of your present equipment does not occur.
c. Watch you bowl - before selecting a new ball, make sure the pro shop professional watches you bowl. By knowing how you bowl, how you release the ball, and your ball speed will help the professional guide you in a ball selection process.

2. Bowling Frequency
a. Leagues - it is important for the pro shop to know how many leagues you bowl in per week and at which bowling centers.
b. Practice - it is important for the pro shop to know how often you practice other than league bowling per week.
c. Time of bowling sessions - It is a good idea to communicate the time of each league you bowl so the pro shop operator can determine the lane conditions you encounter and help recommend bowling equipment accordingly. Bowling in early evening leagues typically gives you a freshly oiled lane condition. Late evening leagues generally experience changes in lane conditions resulting from the lines of bowling from earlier league play. Morning and afternoon leagues can be on freshly oiled lanes but not the identical oil pattern as evening leagues. If the pro shop operator has knowledge of when you bowl, he or she can assist in helping you select your next equipment and maintaining the surfaces of your existing bowling ball equipment.

3. Lane Conditions
a. Targeting - let the pro shop person know how you line up on strike deliveries and if you experience too much ball skid or too much hook. Tell the pro what your current average is what where you would like to end up as an average.
b. Spares - make sure you discuss any issues you may have with spare shooting. Sometimes bowlers will miss corner pin spares not so much from improper alignment or technique but also from using a bowling ball which is not easy to control. The more information your pro shop operator technician has about how you bowl, how you play the lanes, difficulties with spares, and how you make lane adjustments the easier it is to recommend a remedy.

4. Measuring and Fitting
a. Existing bowling balls - have the shop operator check your current bowling balls for a proper fit. Holes wear over time and use and need attention. Bowler's hands may change slightly, mostly finger sizes, and should be checked periodically.
b. Gripping holes - pitch angles of gripping holes should be checked to accommodate the type of release you use. Finger and thumb pitches can influence the way you release the bowling ball.
c. Layout pattern - the location of where the gripping holes are drilled into the ball will affect the ball motion as it travels down the lane. The manufacturers recommend various drilling layouts to help control length and hook potential ratings.
d. After drilling - make sure you roll the ball on a lane after drilling the ball to ensure the ball fits your hand properly and no further adjustment is needed to the texture of the ball surface before you leave the pro shop.

5. Ball Surface Strategies
a. Existing equipment - make sure your current bowling ball surfaces are unblemished and are textured and/or polished in such a manner to match best to the lanes where you bowl most frequently.
b. New Bowling ball - make sure after you have a new bowling ball custom fitted and drilled to your specifications so the surface is prepared to match best with the lanes where you bowl most often. Because you buy a new ball does not mean the ball surface cannot be altered to provide the desired skid length you seek. New ball coverstocks are extremely versatile and may be altered in the pro shop to create a variety of surface textures and polished finishes to control ball skid.
c. Surface Checks - establish a routine based upon the amount of bowling you do in getting your bowling balls into the pro shop to care for the surfaces. Avoid bowling more than 60 games without restoring the ball surface texture and finish you desire. There are cleaners and polishes you can purchase inexpensively to carry in your accessory pouch in your bowling bag so you can clean and/or polish the ball surface after completion of a bowling session.

6. New Equipment Selection
a. Ball selection process - before choosing a new bowling ball and after providing the information above to your pro shop professional, ask for several choices of new balls which will give you the best chance of achieving the desired ball reaction.
b. Narrowing the choices - after getting several ball choices recommended by the pro shop professional, ask that one choice at a time be eliminated from the selection process until you reach a decision on a bowling ball.
c. Length and hook potential ratings - ask for the length and hook potential ratings of your ball selection be explained. These ratings include factors such as RG, Differential of RG, and Flare potential and are intended to describe how the ball will react after the layout pattern to drill the ball is selected and after the ball surface has been prepared to match the lane conditions.
d. Visualize a ball motion - decide on a ball motion you wish to achieve before drilling the ball. Begin with the end in mind. If you are unsure what you need, as is the case with newcomers to the game or with beginner bowlers, ask the pro shop professional what you need and why you need it. This technique of asking questions is highly effective in learning about bowling balls and about the game.

7. Other Bowling Equipment
a. Bowling shoes - make sure you own a good pair of bowling shoes. If you bowl frequently and in various bowling centers, then check out shoes which have interchangeable sliding soles and traction heels. Spending money on a good pair of bowling shoes will go a long way into making you a better bowler. It is important to maintain good balance while walking on the approach and having a smooth and even slide into the foul line.
b. Bowling Bags - depending on how many bowling balls you transport to and from the bowling center and how many accessories you carry in the bowling bag should steer you to selecting the right bag to match your needs.
c. Accessories - ask the pro shop professional which accessories are most likely to do you some good. Many bowlers will improve with use of a wrist support device yet never try one. Cleaning and polishing your ball after use helps yet it is surprising how infrequent bowlers tend to the surfaces of their equipment when completing a session on the lanes. If you don't use bowling tape, ask the professional to recommend which tape may best suit your needs if your fingers expand or contract after bowling. Make sure you have a good bowling towel, a microfiber towel, to clean the dirt and oil off of the ball surface between deliveries and after bowling. Ask the pro shop to help familiarize you with the many useful accessory items available in today's market.

We hope some of these tips help you understand what services you should expect from your pro shop. If you find a pro shop operator unwilling to take time and share information with you, you may wish to consider interviewing other pro shop professionals. Your pro shop operator is like a teammate. A teammate will do what he or she can to help you succeed and so should the pro shop professional. is happy to offer professional drilling service on all bowling balls, a convenient service that can save you time and money! We have a full staff of professionals on site with over 50 years of ball drilling experience. We use a top of the line Vacu-Jig Milling System that enables our professional staff to drill all equipment with pin-point precision. Getting your new bowling ball professionally drilled just got easier! Check out more details about our Professional Drilling Services on our site if you are having a difficult time finding a pro shop to serve your needs.

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