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Bowling Pro Shop FAQ 2 continues to share questions with our readers that we receive relating to articles posted on our site. This bowling pro shop FAQ 2 article features a random question sent to us by a new bowler relating to pro shop services. We address this question and provide another in a series of articles known as bowling pro shop FAQ 2.

We hope our response helps new bowlers become familiarized with pro shop services.

We cannot possibly keep our response to any question short and direct in content without likely omitting information which could expand your knowledge. So, we invite you to share your thoughts by making a comment under any posted article and help us pass along useful ideas.

Here is the pro shop question for this article presented by a beginner bowler:

Q. Do I need to use those finger inserts I hear about when I drill my first new bowling ball?

A. No. Finger inserts are only useful in a fingertip grip drilling. If you are getting your first new bowling ball drilled as a conventional grip drilling, then there is no need for inserts.

If, however, you have taken a lesson from a professional instructor and are getting a new ball drilled as a fingertip grip, then you can consider use of inserts.

Inserts typically allow your fingers to apply an enhanced delivery action on the bowling ball after your thumb first exits the ball. Inserts provide contour to fit your knuckle shape which in turn helps to prevent finger irritation or chaffing on the sides of the knuckle joints.

Our staff at recommends you discuss the use of inserts with your pro shop professional prior to drilling a new ball.

We thank the bowler who shared this question with us for this article. Feel free to offer your comments. They are most welcomed. Be sure to check the "Improve Your Game" link in "BowlVersity" on the home page of our site for future posts. Thank you.

Rich Carrubba