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Ebonite Choice Red/Gold/Blue X-Out Overseas Release and Path Fire Burst 

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Choice Red/Gold/Blue X-Out Overseas Release and Path Fire Burst Specs

Product ID 14952 Brand Ebonite

Path Fire Burst RETIRED Specs

Product ID 13755 Brand Pyramid
Perfect Scale Hook Rating 5.0 Finish Polished
Ball Color Red/Yellow Lane Condition Dry
Ball Quality First Quality Ball Warranty 2 Year
Performance Polyester[0] Release Date 5/25/2018

Choice Red/Gold/Blue X-Out - Overseas Release SOLD OUT Specs

Product ID 14846 Brand Ebonite
Perfect Scale Hook Rating 233.2 RG 2.49
Finish Polished Ball Color Red/Gold/Blue
Lane Condition Medium-Heavy Coverstock Hybrid Reactive
Ball Quality Second Factory Finish 2000 grit Abralon/Polished
Breakpoint Shape Angular Coverstock Name GSV-1 Hybrid Extra
Core Name Mod-1 Asymmetric Differential 0.054
Flare Potential High Mass Bias Diff 0.021
Core Type Asymmetric Performance Pro Performance[10]
Originally Sold For: $236.88

Receive One FREE Pyramid Path Fire Burst Bowling Ball with Purchase

The Ebonite Choice Red/Gold/Blue X-Out is an international version of this best selling ball available only at 

Victory isn't by chance - it's by Choice with Ebonite.
The Mod-1 core makes its premiere with the Choice with a medium RG/high differential core that delivers length, midlane reaction, and backend, making it a triple-threat on the lane for a strong overall hook.

The GSV-1 Hybrid Extra, combined with the polished finish of a 2000-grit abralon and Polished finish makes it heavy oil's adversary. Get ready for reaction in the heaviest of patterns.

Here's what Ebonite has to say about the Choice:

What is an X-Out?
An X-Out is the same ball with color pattern issues. Balls look great though. An X-Out has the following:


  • Same core

  • Same reaction

  • Same coverstock

  • Same warranty

A Ebonite product can classify as an X-Out for any of the following reasons:

  • Color/Cosmetic - Small blemishes in the coverstock or color patterns

  • Heavy Top Weight - Top Weight will be heavier than normal

  • Long Pin - Pin distance longer than 4.5"

  • Engraving - In this case the pin is in the engraving of the ball

  • CG Out of Line - The cg will fall out of line with the pin and mass bias marker

  • **NOTE - With the recent updates to the USBC static weight rules, the heavy top weight and cg out of line will not effect layout options.


  • All Ebonite X-Outs come with the same manufacturers warranty as first quality balls.
    NOTE: Due to the limited availability of X-Outs pin placement and top weight are not guaranteed.

This ball has the same GSV-1 Hybrid coverstock that was featured on the Verdict, but we took the core from Ebonite’s famous “ONE” series and modified the shape to give us our new Mod-1 core. The GSV-1 cover was just too much cover to wrap around the ultra-low RG and High Diff “ONE” core. By changing the shape, we raised the RG a couple points and lowered the intermediate diff to get the ball through the front easier and make the overall motion more friendly for the masses. This monster will dig into the mid-lane and change direction in the heaviest of oils. Winning is the only Choice, so make it. Ball Reaction Video Preview

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