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Powerhouse Adrenaline Ball Steroid Wipes 

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Adrenaline Ball Steroid Wipes Specs

Product ID 10114 Brand Powerhouse
Accessory Mfg Part # EQ156ADREA Accessory Type Cleaners and Polish
Release Date 12/27/2011    
Originally Sold For: $11.99
CONTAINS 10 WIPES PER PACK THERE'S A DIRTY LITTLE SECRET in the bowling industry, and it affects bowling ball performance. Powerhouse now introduces the product bowlers have been waiting for to improve their ball's performance - Adrenaline Ball Steroid Wipes. The invisible enemy of your ball's performance is the oil applied to the surface of the lane, which soaks into the porous surface of the ball and negatively affects its performance. There are numerous cleaners (Powerhouse's most popular is called Energizer) and polishes that remove some oil from the surface of the ball, also removing any dirt and residue on the surface of the ball. Powerhouse's new Adrenaline is the first product in the history of bowling that helps to remove oil caught deep within the pores beneath the surface of the ball. Powerhouse Adrenaline Ball Steroid Wipes use a micro-pore penetrating action that safely restores and increases oil absorption in all reactive bowling balls. In addition to increasing oil absorption, research shows that over time, without re-surfacing a ball, Adrenaline enhances ball reaction.
HOW IT WORKS Increased oil absorption means increased friction on the lane. Friction is necessary to create hook. Hook creates entry angle. Entry angle increases STRIKING POTENTIAL. MANAGING YOUR BALL'S PERFORMANCE Clean your ball every 3-6 games with an approved cleaner like Powerhouse Energizer Cleaner. Wipe your ball with Powerhouse Adrenaline Ball Steroid Wipes every 3-6 games to enhance and prolong your ball's performance. Visit your pro shop to have your ball resurfaced every 50-60 games to keep a consistent surface texture. POWERHOUSE ADRENALINE BALL STEROID WIPES Individually packaged wipes. Travels well for tournament bowlers. Made from environmentally-friendly, natural elements.

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