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Lane #1

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  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Grind/R ID: 10790 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 212.10 Now that you're on the Grind, send the pins through the Grind/R!
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Bloody Panther ID: 10679 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 208.90 Shred the lanes and devour the pins with Lane #1's newest beast, the Bloody Panther.
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Stealth Bomber Pearl 12 Only ID: 10618 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 215.50 The Lane #1 Pearl Stealth Bomber gives you everything needed to score big!
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 RipSaw ID: 10552 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 192.40 Sometimes success on dry lanes requires some elbow grease. Grab the Lane #1 RipSaw and go to work!
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Stealth Bomber 12 Only ID: 10429 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 218.50 With a High Friction Hybrid Composite skin and stealth core design, the Stealth Bomber swoops across the lane, undetected by heavy oil.
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Pearl Droid ID: 10218 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 206.60 Available in a Solid version Give the Pearl Droid a throw and watch your scores go up as the pins have a major meltdown!
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Droid ID: 10124 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 215.80 Available in a Pearl version Short-Circuit the pins with the Droid, from Lane #1.
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Pearl Panther ID: 10065 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 213.90 The Lane #1 Pearl Panther bowling ball, with its all new ION Pearl coverstock, leaps longer and farther down the lane, giving monstrous bite on the backend.
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Maxxx Curve ID: 10002 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 218.20 Particle isn't dead, it's sexier than ever with the new Maxxx Curve!
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 BuzzBomb Carnage ID: 9836 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 220.10 Throw it out and watch the pins explode with the Lane #1 BuzzBomb Carnage bowling ball!
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Chainsaw S.O.S 12 Only ID: 9835 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 155.50 Just when you're in need of a different look to break away from the pack comes the Lane #1 Chainsaw S.O.S bowling ball!
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Black Panther ID: 9254 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 218.60 The Lane #1 Black Panther is fierce. It hunts down pins like no ball before it, taking no heed to heavy oil. Even the heaviest of conditions is no match for the Black Panther.
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Boom-R'ANG ID: 9218 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 209.80 Watch the pins fly as the Boom'R-ANG hooks around the lane. Throw it out and watch it come back..!!!
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Pink Panther ID: 8835 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 213.30 The Pink Panther is being released from captivity into the wild! With the largest diamond core yet, this beast of a ball is ready to pounce and tear to shreds ANYTHING in its path!
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 ChainSaw Massacre LE ID: 8821 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 218.20 Lane #1 is pleased to introduce the new Exclusive Chainsaw Massacre LE! Pull on it, tear the cover off it... LET THE MASSACRE BEGIN!
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Gemstone Silver/Garnet ID: 8825 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 165.50 Lane #1's treasure chest has washed ashore, bringing you high performance at an affordable mid price! Let the richness of silver and garnet pave your way to success!
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Time Bomb ID: 8740 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 218.10 Lane #1's new Time Bomb is ready to explode. With our all new Hour Glass inverted diamond core, and our explosive Pure Explosion coverstock, the Time Bomb is loaded with power.
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Dynamo X2 Dry Limited Edition ID: 8470 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 145.00 Don't get burned by dry lanes! The DYNAMO X2 Dry Limited Edition is the perfect solution for scorched lanes! LIMITED EDITION OF ONLY 300
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Big Curve ID: 8317 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 219.90 Lane #1's sexy Curve now has a big brother for protection. Introducing the Lane # 1 Big Curve.
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Curve ID: 7825 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 221.90 This hot mamma is a beauty with all new skin and bones. The skin is a heart pumping Pure Explosion 9.5 on the Richter scale. Simply put, this ball hooks the most.
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Dynamo ID: 6970 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 211.30 The Dynamo featuring our all new Hurricane Diamond core, is a powerplant of Destruction waiting to happen. Works great with slower ball speeds, holds the line and then Destruction.
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Blue Death Massacre ID: 7655 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 213.60 The Blue Death is thrown at the pins with an infectious disease. Perfectly healthy pins fall over in numbers with our new Pure Grip / Explosion 50% Solid, 50% Pearl Hybrid Coverstock. Combining this with our Highly Lethal Bomb MassaCore and you deliver strikes and high scores of epidemic proportions. The pins are waiting to die.
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Massacre Red Death ID: 7566 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 215.90 The Massacre Red Death isn't like the original Chainsaw Massacre, it's much worse! Instead of just killing pins instantly, the Red Death tortures the pins with strike after strike. Throw the Red Death and deliver the Death Blow of destruction!
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Gemstone ID: 7501 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 165.50 Lane #1's treasure chest has washed ashore, bringing you high performance at an affordable mid price!
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Dynamo X2 ID: 7453 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 181.50 Need Xtra length? Need Xtra backend? The groundbreaking Dynamo has an evil twin brother to give you exactly what you need to up your game. The DYNAMO X2..!!
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 ChainSaw Massacre ID: 7043 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 161.20 Pull on it, tear the cover off it... LET THE MASSACRE BEGIN! Lane #1 is pleased to introduce the new Chainsaw Massacre. This pin slaughtering machine is covered by our popular pearl Bleeder Coverstock and driven by our famous bomb shaped MassaCORE.
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Chain-Saw ID: 6844 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 152.90 Grab your saw & rip apart the lanes with the new Chainsaw from Lane #1. Lane #1 now offers you high performance on drier lanes at a more affordable price.
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Agent Orange Buzz Bomb ID: 6843 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 209.30 The pins are headed for some serious damage! Inducted onto our popular "BuzzBOMB" line of high performance bowling balls. The Agent Orange bring you ball reaction where you had none before.
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Buzz Bomb/R ID: 6631 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 192.50 The BuzzBOMB/R is packed with our all new double sided Doomsday Bomb2 core. Goes Long/R, Hits Hard/R...For Total Destruction!!
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 Buzz Bomb ID: 6162 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 198.90 The BuzzBOMB is packed with our all new double sided Doomsday Bomb2 core.
  • Free Shipping Lane #1 The Liberator ID: 6161 Not
    Perfect Scale™: 153.90 Made from the highest quality urethane, the LIBERATOR evens out your scores on those tough, inconsistent, overreacting lane conditions.

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