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Layout 1

Storm Advanced Drilling Diagram 1
  • Locate the mass bias by drawing a line from the pin through the CG. Find the location 6-¾" from the pin along this line, and mark it with "MB". This is the location of the mass bias or the secondary pin.
  • Place the major pin 5" from the player's PAP and place the "MB" on the player's ball track next to the thumb hole
  • Use this layout for length with a medium backend reaction.
  • This layout is great for medium to light oil. Also works well for players with higher rev rates.

  • Layout 2

    Storm Advanced Drilling Diagram 2
    • Locate the mass bias and mark it with "MB"
    • Place the major pin 4-¼" from the player's PAP and locate the mass bias (MB) along the player's PAL
    • This layout will most often require an extra hole, so place this hole on the PAP and remove excess side weight to "0".
    • This layout works well to produce medium length and heavy midlane roll. Usually works well on medium to heavy oil, especially longer oil patterns.

    Layout 3

    Storm Advanced Drilling Diagram 3
    • Locate the mass bias and mark the spot with an "MB". Remember, the mass bias is a fine tuning device used by advanced players.
    • Place the major pin 3-3/8" from the PAP and locate the mass bias halfway between the player's ball track and PAL
    • Place the extra hole, if necessary, on the player's PAP, removing excess side weight to less than 1 oz.

    Note: This is a "High Flare" layout that should only be used by low rev players seeking maximum ball reaction!

    Layout 4

    Storm Advanced Drilling Diagram 4
    (For this layout we will select a ball with a pin distance of 2-5" from the CG)
    • Place the major pin 1-½" from the PAP. Remember to keep the pin along the line located between the PAP and the player's finger holes.
    • Place the mass bias in the player's ball track.
    • Check side weight to see if an extra hole is necessary. If so, place the hole on the PAP.
    • This layout will produce heavy roll with a controllable backend reaction. Players with extensive side roll or high rev players will love this layout to help control dry, short oil patterns with very dry backends


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