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Columbia 300 Sharp Noize Reviewed By: The_Cheese 01/05/2010 22:17 ( stars)

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About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Right Handed
Experience    Advanced (I have bowled in a league)
League Average    235
Sport Shot Average    200
Ball Speed    Fast
Style    Cranker
PAP    4" Right, 3/4" Up
Thanks to the fine folks at Columbia, I have had the privilege of destroying shorter patterns and medium house shots with this ball. For the drilling on my Sharp Noize, I laid mine out using the Dual-Angle layout system at 45/45/4.5, which resulted in the pin being located right above my bridge on the midline, with the cg slightly kicked out (similar to the Demo Days layout). I am a high rev, high speed player with a very low track and have had amazing success with the Sharp Noize on the shorter PBA patterns like Cheetah and Chameleon, and can't miss on a league with a drier/shorter house pattern. Compared to the other balls in the Noize series it is definitely the strongest downlane by far. Compared to the Loud Noize which is also pearl, the Sharp Noize is comparable in length but makes a much stronger move downlane. Compared to the Bedlam, the Sharp Noize is a few feet longer and cleaner through the heads when the oil breaks down, and has a very similar breakpoint shape and backend motion. The Sharp Noize, combined with the upcoming release of the Pure Swing gives Columbia an incredibly versatile line of pearlized equipment to match the versatility of the Full Swing and Power Swing. The Pure Swing is definitely the strongest and earliest pearl in the line and has a strong but continuous arcing motion. The Bedlam is longer than the Pure Swing and more angular with a little less total hook and the Sharp Noize is a perfect step down from the Bedlam. Love the looks of this ball as well and will continue to use this when the lanes open up inside and out after a few games. Love the Sharp Noize for the ball and the price as well. Enjoy the new releases debuting in January as well. Great time to be a Columbia fan!
Columbia 300 Regional/Amateur Staff
Mike Marks Pro Shop
Wyoming, MI

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Columbia 300 Sharp Noize Reviewed By: charger733 03/05/2010 13:31 ( stars)

Rolls real smooth has good carry only problem ive had so far are a few 10 pins when i play it a little more down and in but have shot 660 + with it my first 2 sets to use it right the ill keep it

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Columbia 300 Sharp Noize Reviewed By: SV Bowler 01/02/2010 21:51 ( stars)

About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Left Handed
League Average    168
Sport Shot Average    165
Ball Speed    Medium
Style    Tweener
I just got my Sharp Noize drilled today. It's a great ball and I love it. I have a 165 average and once drilled, I shot a 138 (warming up), 191, 195, and 200.

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Columbia 300 Sharp Noize Reviewed By: Ulrich 04/30/2010 09:10 ( stars)

In Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain the lanes are usually dry. Furthermore the lanes do not soak up the oil evenly. Therefore a hook and curve ball cannot be controlled easily.
My new choice has been and still is the Columbia 300 Sharp Noize 12 lbs. ball. BowlingBall.Com drilled it perfectly to my specifications with the instruction to place the grip in such a way to run rather straight on dry lanes. It makes just a slight curve before the pin deck, is easily controlled and enables me to strike more regularly. I'm very happy with my choice.

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