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Roto Grip Cell Reviewed By: reviews by Tony Ruocco 01/04/2008 11:31 ( stars)

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About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Right Handed
League Average    215
Ball Speed    Medium
Style    Tweener
PAP    5 1/8 right 1/8 up

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Evolve your game with Roto-Grip's newest addition to their high performance line, The Cell.

Pin to PAP(5 1/8" over 1/8" up) - 4 1/2"
Mass Bias Position - 4" from PAP
CG Placement - 1" right and 1" down of grip center
Balance Hole - none

Surface Preparation - Box Finish (2000 grit abralon)

What I Was Looking For In This Ball Layout:
I can't even remember the last Roto-Grip ball I have reviewed. So in this ball we really wanted to get a feel for their ball reaction signature and see what the Cell could do if we went with a fairly aggressive layout. This also seemed like a great time to do something like this because we have been seeing a higher volume of oil then usual and this ball and layout should do the trick for that condition.

What I Ended Up With in the Ball and Layout:
WOW! This thing means business, obviously with the cover preparation and knowing this is a high performance ball we expected to see a lot of reaction but this blew my mind. I made the lanes look like they were flying while other people were having issues wrinkling the ball. The reaction in the front part of the lane was very deceiving because the ball seemed to roll strong but it did not look like it was creating much friction. As the ball got into the middle part of the lane you could see it really start rolling and making a solid move as it got closer to the break point. For a ball with 2000 grit finish the amount of back end reaction was amazing. It was like it lost no energy at all through the heads and mid-lane. First game started out great with the front 8 followed by a mind blowing 9 pin and 3 more strikes. This was right out of the box with very little practice time.

To my surprise I did not change balls all night and my moves were very minimal. Normally with such a strong ball I would expect for it to be in my bag by the second game and by then I would moved arrows left. This ball really reads the front part of the lane well and stays very clean for one of the best ball motions I have seen lately on the backend.

We are going to go out on a limb here, with the e-tailing marketing tactics that we have in place along with the great reaction of this ball, not to mention the Ebonite price increase, will call this as one of the top three balls of early 2008. It is very easy to recommend a ball that is truly outstanding.

Look for more Roto-Grip reviews as I may be throwing their stuff for a while.

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Roto Grip Cell Reviewed By: Kenny Lawson @ Aloma Bowl Pro Shop 10/07/2008 12:49 ( stars)

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Roto Grip hit a home run with this ball. This ball seems to work on just about every condition that I have seen it thrown on. Even with the dull out of box finish this ball stores energy for its down lane reaction. My customers are extremely happy with this ball and its remarkable carry.

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Roto Grip Cell Reviewed By: _Billdozer 02/12/2008 16:20 ( stars)

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About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Right Handed
League Average    225
Sport Shot Average    200
Ball Speed    Medium
Style    Cranker
Aggressive heavy oil layout "4C" on the Roto asymmetrical drilling chart.
I recently purchased the Resurgence and the Attitude Shift, and the Roto-Grip Cell outperforms both of them by leaps and bounds, no matter where the ball is at makes a huge move that trucks through the pins.
If Roto Grip can make a pearl version of the cell, I am for sure going to quit using other products, besides Roto Grip. It has got to be the biggest hooking monster since the black widow. This Cell opens the lanes up on fresh oil...I haven't shot big with it yet, but it is just one of those balls that you know has way more potential than the rest in your bag. I average, 210+, and I've been in a slump lately and this ball got me a 279, its not much but it just makes everything sweeter the way it reacts. Buy one.
I seriously want to get a second, drill it up to go long, and polish it up...that way I only need the Cell. It's a Baaaaaad ball, totally recommend it!
I didn't have an account on here (besides for buying balls) and I had to make one so I could review this baby. I'm thinking with time, the Cell will be King of them all.

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Roto Grip Cell Reviewed By: hoser094 04/03/2008 18:16 ( stars)

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I purchased my Cell about 1 week ago and I have nothing but positive things to report. I am a 220+ average bowler with a high rev rate and well above average speed. I was hesitant to buy a Roto Grip product because of some of the bad luck a have had with Storm products (blowing through the break point), but I can say so far I am more than happy. First 3 games out of the box I went 279, 256, 248 and the big scores just keep rolling in. I had mind drilled by Greg Gue at Ceredo Lanes in Ceredo WV. I am not well versed in the ball drilling language but I had the ball maxed out as I put it to him and boy it is. My Cell is 10 to 12 boards stronger than my Inferno and 8 to 10 boards stronger than my Awesome Flip. Carry is unbelievable, I am getting more messengers and crunched 4 pins than ever before. I hope this ball will help take me to the next level. I am bowling in my first regional in Hillsboro OH on the Shark pattern this weekend which I have struggled with in the past because of my high ball speed. I will add to this post to give update of this ball on the Shark when I get back. Roto Grip has a winner here and I give it my complete recommendation.

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Roto Grip Cell Reviewed By: JohnB 02/01/2008 13:09 ( stars)

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My Cell was punched using the dual angle layout method, 4.5” pin X 45 degree drill angle X 65 degree VAL angle. This put the pin just under the ring ringer and the mass bias (RG) on the VAL. The CG ended up 2.5 inches directly under the pin as it was 1 ½ inches left of the line drawn between the pin and the mass bias (RG). An X-hole was not needed. The Cell arrived polished, which is different than the 2000 Abralon finish described by the literature.
I’ve had a chance to throw the Cell on a slicker house condition and also on the Storm Dream Challenge tournament condition (challenging) and all I can say is what an amazing ball motion. Even polished, on both conditions, it read the midlane very well and provided a very strong, controlled and continuous motion to the pocket. The Cell also provides explosive hit and carry. This is definitely a ball that you want at least one of in your bag because the ball motion is so good and different than other shells. The Cell design is very innovative, has a tremendous cover to core match up and is being offered at a great price point.

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Roto Grip Cell Reviewed By: Locke 01/27/2008 01:19 ( stars)

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So I just got this ball drilled up tonight.
What I was looking for:
I got this ball pin 2-2.5 with a top weight of 3.5. What I was hoping for was a ball to set up a little early but still keep a lot of hitting power into the pocket. After talking with my pro for quite a long time we decided to go with a stacked leverage lay out, meaning the pin is slightly up and about 2.5 inches out from the ring finger.
What I got:
WOW! We hit a reaction hole in one. This ball is incredible. I got exactly what I was looking for. I took it out on a heavy house shot with a little bit of carry down and it was like this ball was a kid in a candy shop. I play deep. I put 18mph and around 350-400rpm on the ball. But even with all of these rpm it still stays clean through the heads and really arcs up with a great continuation into the pin deck. I used to throw nothing but Brunswick equipment but this is my second Roto ball and there is only room for Roto from now on. I know I will be looking at more very soon.

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Roto Grip Cell Reviewed By: phern300 03/12/2008 17:46 ( stars)

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I just wanted to say that the Cell delivers as advertised. This ball is truly remarkable. I drilled my Cell with the recommended 5 x 3 and layout, with the RG in the B position and used the ball in a recent tournament which had the Scorpion (41 ft) oil pattern. I left the surface with the original box finish because of the pattern and lane surface (Proanvilane). The ball allowed my to be aggressive with my shots as I could miss left (I’m left-handed) and the ball would still read the pattern and not shoot through the breakpoint. I played the pattern looking at the 6th or 7th board and could leak the ball to the 3rd board. The ball really performed well. I could see why Mike Scroggins loves the ball and why every lefthander, and lets not leave out the righthanders, who want to compete on PBA patterns should have one.
Later, I practiced on the Viper (37 ft) oil pattern and found that the box surface was a little too strong, so I shined the ball with Storm’s Reacta Shine. The polish gave the ball a few extra feet of length and stored energy so I could move in on the Viper and play where you need to play, which is around the 12th -13th boards at arrows to about the 6th or 7th boards at the break.
Hopefully these comments will help you decide on your next ball purchase.

Peter Hernandez

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Roto Grip Cell Reviewed By: DOMINATIONoCOM 02/22/2008 17:50 ( stars)

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I just bought this ball, from having a T-Road Pearl...I CAN HOOK!!! This ball is a must buy if you are looking to hook. I got so frustrated with the t-road cause I was revving the ball a ton (not that much, a ton for me though) and the ball would barely hook. With the cell I threw it the first time and missed my mark like 5 boards to the right but WOSH...strike. One word to describe this ball, BEAST!

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Roto Grip Cell Reviewed By: Housequake 01/31/2008 19:54 ( stars)

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I just recently got a Cell because I had three Storm Shifts and all of them cracked on me. The pro-shop drilled a Cell in place of the Storm bowling balls. All I can say about this ball is ......WOW. If you buy one ball this year, the Cell should be the one. Roto Grip really did their homework on this ball. Get the Cell and be prepared to raise H***!

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