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Lane #1 Uranium HRG Reviewed By: BJI Reviews By Joe Cerar Jr. 02/14/2007 00:00 ( stars)

Core Design:
This core design is a totally new concept from Lane #1. The diamond shape is familiar, but the density levels have been modified significantly. The major modification is the hollow (lighter density) inside, surrounded by a heavier and more dense perimeter. This raises the Rg to 2.54. The Diff is valued at .033. We saw about 3' of track flare.

The pearlized Detonator cover comes highly polished. The coloring is a unique purple, silver and fuschia mix. The strength of this reactive base is tempered some to better match the high RG core.

Manufacturer's Intent:Lane #1's newest release is the first ball that wasn't made by Brunswick in quite some time. The new manufacturer is Columbia 300 of San Antonio, Texas. Richie Sposato, Lane #1 President and chief designer assured us they will still design each and every ball to preserve the unique roll characteristics which have endured many satisfied Lane #1 customers. Richie had this to add, This is our first Columbia 300-poured high-performance ball. We wanted it to be a can't miss, and also a bit different. The Hollow Diamond Core is a first, raising the RG for more length, while the super dense outer casing provides the lower RG hitting power.

Test Results:
The last few Lane #1's I've tested all read the midlane securely with a smooth, powerful arc in the last 20' (please exclude the clear polyester Diamond). This ball revs similarly, although the revs kick in slightly later. The unique feature is the added two feet of length before the new core/cover combo make their move. This added length was appreciated more so after we broke down our test patterns. The HRG will complement the Cobalt solid and pearl perfectly for those looking for more length, later core dynamics and plenty of energy retention.

When to Use:
Use confidently where friction is present. Even on our fresh patterns, we could straddle the oil bumper, feed the HRG to the friction and experience both area forgiveness and excellent pin carry. As the midlane disappeared and stronger covers began losing energy, the HRG was in its wheelhouse. Higher RG cores pick up revs later down lane, thus can create a slightly steeper angle of entry. Tamer covers also need less oil for length and can store more energy for a more crisp finish at the pocket. In my opinion, the core strength and cover strength are an excellent match. This ball offers easy length with a controlled, yet edgy, backend reaction.

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