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DV8 Endless Nightmare Reviewed By: bannachb 07/28/2013 21:32 ( stars)

Endless Nightmare
By: Bryan Bannach DV8 Regional Staff Member
DV8 describes the Endless Nightmare as: “Featuring the new Class 9 Hybrid Reactive coverstock wrapped around the Nightmare core, the Endless Nightmare skids through the front gripping the mid-lane and turning over on the backend for the most total hook potential of any DV8 ever on medium to oily lane conditions.”
For the Endless Nightmare I decided to go with my favorite asymmetric layout. 50 x 5 ¾ x 45 gives me a good midlane read and a smooth strong backend reaction. This layout gives me control with an asymmetric ball, without losing too much energy either.
Warning!!! This ball NEED NEED NEEDs oil!!! My initial tests were executed on a Typical House Shot. When I first tried to compare the Endless Nightmare to my Brutal Nightmare I was disappointed because the Brutal outhooked the Endless by quite a bit. However, I realized the Endless Nightmare was burning itself up. Making a 10 and 5 board move left, I saw the strength of the Endless. The Brutal never made the corner and the Endless was coming high. Getting lined up with both balls the Endless Nightmare was 12 and 6 stronger than the Brutal.
The great thing about the Endless Nightmare is, with my higher ball speed, it still reads the midlane, even in the puddle of a Typical House Shot. I was pleasantly surprised when I got deep on the house pattern, and where I typically see a ball “squirt” just a little too far, the Endless read that part of the with ease. I never had to worry if the Endless would squirt too far, I could throw it as hard as I wanted, and the Endless would always read the lane.
I also tried testing the Endless Nightmare on the 35’ Beijing pattern. I threw it 3 shots and put it in the bag. This ball is just way too strong for that short of oil.
I am considering drilling another Endless Nightmare and polishing it. With my higher rev rate, at out of box surface I don’t know how often I will see enough oil to use it. With that being said it will come in handy of some longer patterns and higher volumes, where my high speed causes me issues. I can’t wait for tournament season to pick up and I can use it to get left while others struggle.

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