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Brunswick Aura 15 16 Only Reviewed By: baer300 11/08/2012 21:51 ( stars)

Aura is the newest release in the Pro Performance line. This ball provides a motion in the Pro performance line than Brunswick has ever had. Brunswick designed a new core and cover for the beast to provide a completely different motion. The Aura is designed to lessen the loss of axis rotation to increase entry angle to increase overall pin carry which results in higher scores.
I drilled 2 of these so far.
First one is drilled 50x5.5x70 no hole. First time I threw this ball it completely blew me away. It faked me out. Typically with a strong solid pin down ball I can not open up the lane. I lost half a game just bumping left little by little. Finally I just jumped left and tried that. I ended up 5 left of where I threw a 70x5x40 Nexxxus the week before. I was deeper and could throw it further right. I could throw this as far right as I wanted and the ball kept coming back and NEVER quit. Something I have never seen before out of a high end solid ball!!
Ball two is drilled 40x4.75x70 with a hole 1.5 inches down on my VAL. I wanted to test this one. I wanted to see how clean this ball really is. I typically use this type of layout on heavier patterns to shut my angle down on the fresh and go more direct. This layout allows me to go straighter to start and still able to move left and open up my angles without flat ten every shot.
I am drilling another one of these this week 55x5.5x45 to see what this ball can really do down lane. It has amazed me so far. I will post a review of this one after I get to throw it some. The Aura is truly something different than Brunswick has ever had available. Don't be the only one without this ball in your bag, because your competitor will beat you with it!! Available November 14th!!
Adam Baer
Brunswick Regional Staff
Vise Staff
The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation.

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