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DV8 Too Reckless Reviewed By: nyhtor@gmail.com 04/17/2012 14:20 ( stars)

Got into bowling with a 10 pound, brown house ball. Mind you, I'm 22, and I was throwing a Right-Handed fingertip drilled house ball, with my left hand. I also threw it straight, no spin. I wanted to change this.

Many games of horrible scores from 75-140 being my highest, I decided to buy my own ball, and have it drilled for myself. I fully intended on learning how to roll a ball, with a spin, properly. I figured 14 lbs would be a good starting point, seeing as I'd only thrown a 10, and a 16, and the 16 just felt a bit, too much.

My average went up to 125-155. But it was terribly inconsistent, and I still base most of it on dumb luck. I just couldn't get the wrist action down. Mind you, this was after dozens of practice games.

My friend is rolling 180-210 averages, and he started just a little before me, but my game wasn't getting any better. I went online to look up tips, and noticed there were 2-handed bowlers. Naturally, I gave it a shot.

1st Game: 55. ..alright. Not so good. But it's the first time trying.
2nd game: 85. A little better.
3rd game: 105. Alright, progress in only 3 games! And it's over 100! Woohoo!
4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 80-146. Not great.

Until last night. My arm was well rested, my concentration was on, I promised myself I wouldn't get frustrated at a bad shot, and just take it all in stride.

I bowled 4 strikes in a row, for the first time ever. I was ecstatic. I thought, wow, I might finally break a 200. Unfortunately, the next shot was a 6 spare. The an unlucky 7/10 split. 6 spare. 8 spare. 9 open.. only a strike would've saved the 200 game, but it wasn't mean to be. 7, and 2. I missed the 5 pin by a mouse whisker.

In my first month of bowling, to end with a 187, after weeks of different styles, and tips from everyone under the sun about what I was doing wrong. I finally found a ball and a play style that felt right.

This ball is FANTASTIC for beginners. I would highly recommend it.
Another buddy of mine also just bought one, but he's been bowling for years. So, coming from his standpoint, he's an advanced bowler with an average of 225, and uses the same ball.

It's just an all around fantastic ball. Make sure to clean it. :)

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