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Hammer Raw Hammer Toxic Reviewed By: Beau Jest 05/09/2008 01:09 ( stars)

I am a natural full-roller. All of my balls are drilled for that. (This pin is set immediately below and slightly to the left of the thumb.) I have an:

(a) older, Burgundy Zone Pro;

(b) a newer SuperNova; and

(c) this Toxic Hammer (which I've had for a month or two now.)

When rolled over the same mark, the same way, here's how the three balls generally react:

(a) The Zone has a wide, arching path, rolling into the pocket rather hard;

(b) The SuperNova rolls straight then grips at a sharp angle straight to the pocket.

(c) The Toxic Hammer reacts similar to the SuperNova, but breaks in a sharp hook instead of a straight angle.

Here's the real feedback...if I strongly flip my fingers at the point of release...

(a) The Zone is not affected;

(b) The Supernova will finish with a slight and short flip right before it hits the pocket;

(c) The Toxic Hammer will finish with a noticable and longer flip right before it hits the pocket.

I'm finding that the Toxic Hammer is far more consistent and predictable than the other two, even when I release it wrong. I'm also finding that this ball lusts for an inside line. (The Zone prefers an outside line and the SuperNova likes to ride the gutter.) Lately, I've found lots of success starting at the 24-board (I'm right-handed) and rolling it over the 14-board. However, if I release it incorrectly (but still manage to follow-through), it will ride between the 20-board and 15-board all the way down, then hook sharply at the last second into the pocket. Also, if I accidentally pull to the right (but still follow-through), it will head straight for the gutter, then hook and flip rather dramatically.

Last thing for you to know, I have a comparatively relaxed release with low revs. The Zone used to be my primary ball, but now the Toxic Hammer has usurped it.

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