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How To Find Polyester Bowling Balls

If you are interested in how to find polyester bowling balls, you can easily check out the inventory we have available here at Polyester bowling balls are also referred to as plastic bowling balls. So if you wish to learn how to find polyester bowling balls, all you need to do is click on the "Bowling Balls" button near the top of our home page, then on "Coverstock", then on "Plastic" and you will come to a landing page with selections of polyester bowling balls manufactured by industry leaders including the all new Pyramid Path series of plastic bowling balls. has offered an array of polyester coverstock bowling balls for many years, or more commonly referred to as plastic bowling balls. The arrival and roll out of Pyramid Path series is one example of the continuing effort on our site to make available the latest models of plastic bowling balls to our shoppers.

Check out the following examples of numerous polyester bowling balls by leading manufacturers available here at our site. Simply click on the link to any given ball you wish and then you will be able to find description details and other useful information about the given product:

Pyramid Path Blue/Black/White

Pyramid Path Pink/Black

Pyramid Path Orange/Black

Brunswick T Zone Indigo Swirl Blue/Black/White

Hammer Taboo Spare

Columbia 300 White Dot Blue/Purple/Orange Spiral Pink/Black Viz-A-Ball

Storm Team Storm White

OTB Vortex Blue - Exclusive

Brunswick Skull Black

Track 100P Red Sparkle Money Ball Viz-A-Ball

Top Sellers

1. Storm Optimus $ 149.95 Free Shipping
2. Hammer Black Widow Assassin $ 134.95 Free Shipping
3. Storm Hy-Road Solid $ 119.95 Free Shipping
4. Storm IQ Tour Fusion $ 149.95 Free Shipping
5. Brunswick Mastermind $ 134.95 Free Shipping

Popular Searches

1. Storm IQ Tour Pearl $ 142.99 Free Shipping
2. Brunswick Aura 15 16 Only $ 117.95 Free Shipping
3. Pyramid Path Orange/Black $ 42.99 Free Shipping

Ebonite Maxim Royal/Purple/Yellow

KR Strikeforce NFL New England Patriots ver1

Clear Balls Cal Golf Ball

The examples of polyester balls on the above list are certainly an array of colorful products. Some of these items are great gifts for your favorite bowler at birthdays, holidays, or perhaps merely for someone getting introduced to the game.

An emerging trend in bowling is to find bowling balls which are easy to control the hook potential. Polyester bowling balls will help you gain control when the lane oil conditions break down, on fresh wet/dry conditions, and when shooting spares, particularly the tricky corner pin spares.

Polyester coverstock bowling balls replaced the rubber ball in the 1970's in popularity and were the dominant balls during that decade. Although the industry provided successful rubber bowling balls well into the 1970's, essentially from about 1971 forward, the polyester bowling balls have been and are used today on the PBA Tour and by top amateur players in the country.

Polyester balls are the least aggressive of all modern day coverstocks available in the market. Polyester balls favor slow ball speed players for both strike and spare ball deliveries. Plastic balls will not hook as quickly as urethane balls because of the lesser amount of friction generated on the lane surface with a stiff coverstock made of polyester materials. Polyester or plastic bowling balls are factory finished with a polished and shiny surface which further indicates the longest skid potential and least amount of back end ball reaction of all choices of bowling balls in today's market.

It is recommended to consult with your pro shop professional or a local bowling instructor to help you develop your equipment arsenal. Please don't be afraid to add a polyester ball to your personal inventory if you have not already done so.

You can find other polyester models of bowling balls by simply browsing our site and checking out the great prices available which include free shipping, free insurance, and no hidden handling charges. Ordering is easy by following our simple online instructions. Thanks for visiting


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