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How To Choose Etonic Men’s Bowling Shoes

If you wish to learn how to choose Etonic men's bowling shoes, there are just a few factors you should consider:

1. Shoe Options
2. Shoe Features
3. Shoe Prices

The Etonic bowling shoes line is a well established brand and offers top grade, stylish, and quality shoes. If you wish to determine how to choose Etonic men's bowling shoes, then simply consider the choices available to you right here at

Examples of Etonic men's shoes begin with the "Men's Stablite Plus" model in black and carbon fiber colors, is for right handed bowlers, and is priced at $114.99. This model features a one piece multi-zoned rubber outsole, enhanced comfort flexbars, lightweight and flexible EVA midsole, interchangeable soles (PS2, PS4, PS6, PS8, PS10), has a perfect brake heel design, full leather uppers, and a doe skin lining for comfort. The "Men's Stablite Plus Lava" model for left handed bowlers comes in lava leather and red chrome colors and is also priced at $114.99. This model enjoys the same features as does the Stablite Plus model and both models have a MSRP of $159.99.

The "Men's ESS Interchangeable Black" model is available for left and right handed bowlers and is priced at $71.99. This model also comes in blue and black colors in a right handed wide size and these models feature a one-piece rubber outsole, enhanced flexbars, lightweight EVA midsoles, soft microfiber uppers, doe skin lining, elastic tongue straps, anti-fungal footbed, antibacterial moisture management construction, slow rebound shock absorption, CAT's tongue directional fabric in slide shoe to hold foot stationary, interchangeable soles with velcro technology in selections gauged from PS4, PS6, and PS8 slide soles.

The "Men's ESS Stabilite Interchangeable Flame" model is available in black and blue colors and is priced at $69.99. The "Men's ESS Stabilite Action" model in black and gold is also priced at $69.99 while the Action model in black and blue colors is priced at $59.99 and all Stabilite Action models have the same features as other ESS models.

The "Men's Classic Strike 300" model comes in black and silver colors and is priced at $49.99. The "Men's ESL Classic" model is white in color and is priced at $62.99 while the "Men's Classic II" model is available in black color with the same model also available in a wide width shoe. The "Men's Classic Retro" model is black with neon blue colors and is available for right and left handed bowlers priced at $44.95. Each Classic model features styled uppers, are fabric lined, have elastic tongue straps, have cushioned footbeds, an EVA midsole, long slide technology, raised rubber heels for braking control, a traction sole, and have the traditional shoe appearance.

Other quality Etonic shoes are the "Men's Basic" series shoes such as the "Kegler" model in black or white colors priced at $27.19, the "Blue Flame" model in black and blue colors priced at $33.14, the "Glo Spider" model in black with glow graphic colors priced at $28.99, the "Fierce Flame" model in orange, red, and black colors is priced at $39.99, the "Flame" model in black, silver, and gold colors is priced at $39.99, the "King Pin III" model is black and grey colors priced at $41.99, and the "Skull Wing" model priced at $39.99 comes in black and white colors. The Men's Basic models are designed with soft synthetic uppers, feature elastic tongue straps, concave rubber outsoles, slide sole technology for a longer and smooth, controlled slide.

The Etonic "Men's Sport Blaster" models are available in black and black and white colors and are priced at $39.99. These models are athletic shoes featuring 25% lighter weight than the competition, an EVA midsole, soft mitcrofiber uppers, elastic tongue, cushioned footbeds, and raised rubber heels for braking control.

Please be reminded that each and every item at comes with free shipping with no hidden charges and because our prices may vary with special sale opportunities, don't miss out on placing your order while the supply lasts. Be sure to refer to our "Men's Inch-To-Size" chart to make sure you select the right size shoe during the purchase process. has become the No. 1 "e-tailer" of choice for bowling products by the consumers of America. When you are ready to make a purchase, simply follow the easy online order instructions or give us a call at (888) 265-2695 and a sales associate will be ready to assist you 24 hours per day. Thanks for visiting